AMA Recap: Legend of Galaxy x BSClaunch

On Saturday, April 16th, Chloe — BSClaunch’s Head of Marketing, hosted a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on BSClaunch Community with Mr. Michael Nguyen — CEO/Co-Founder of Legend of Galaxy. During this AMA, he answered questions about the Legend of Galaxy project, as well as shared about upcoming plans, partnerships, and more.

This blog post includes a recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members, list of winners, along with the Q&A segment with Mr. Michael Nguyen


SEGMENT #1 | Guest and project introduction

Question #1:
We will love to know about your role and day to day work experience in the project, And can you make an short intro about the LOG project?

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
Hi everyone, I’m Michael Nguyen, LoG CEO & Co-Founder. I have then been involved in the digital asset ecosystem since late 2016 and have worked and advised on market development strategies for various blockchain projects. I have participated in market development in many countries in Asia such as: Indonesia, Philippines, India, Arabia, Cambodia…. I also participated in many trading and crypto events in Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Hongkong…

And about LoG : Legend of Galaxy is an appealing blockchain game with personalized NFT integrated in LFW GameHub — a part of the LFW Ecosystem toward a true metaverse for the community.

Players can recruit more than 100 unique heroes to battle the evil and claim their territory in a cosmic theme world.

Here is our official trailer, take a look:

Legend of Galaxy Dev is a team with considerable experience in game development as well as crypto projects, incubated and advised by LFW. The collaboration has been proven to be fruitful by the project Legend of Galaxy itself.

Our team consists of:
- Me — Michael Nguyen, CEO & Co-Founder.
- Doctor Ken Hunt, a blockchain enthusiast with 8 years of experience in sustainable system design, product development, and entrepreneurship.
- Doctor Xavier Taylor, an MS, PhD and MBA. He is also a founder and director of a research lab focusing on Artificial Intelligence utility and application.

The team also has other talented members who have contributed to the project since day one to turn our idea into reality.

Users can join us at:

We've also just started an special Airdrop, find it here T.ME/legendofgalaxyOfficial/2594

Question #2:
Could you please tell us more about the $GAE token (tokenomics, token utility, and TGE?)? 😄 We’d love to hear from the LOG CEO/Co-Founder on this topic

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:

Legend Of Galaxy has only raised the most necessary funds for Product Development and to help the GAE ecosystem grow sustainably, bringing more value to users through our mainstream products.

All allocation for Team Members, Advisors, Partners and Foundation tokens are locked for at least six months while the rest of the tokens are allocated to the community via Token Sales, Bounty, Airdrop, Liquidity Provision and rewards as well as Marketing activities.

Users can learn about $GAE use case through our detailed infographic above.

You can read more about $GAE in our Whitepaper

Question #3:
What is LoG’s solution for inflation? What makes LoG stand out from other Game-Fi projects?

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
Inflation is one of the chronic problems that most current NFT games inevitably have, requiring team developers to tackle it with a variety of realistic approaches.

After becoming aware of this ongoing issue, our members did in-depth research and promoted a proper anti-inflation system, which resulted in keeping the in-game experience between player, balance and maintain a sustainable economy in LOG.

That said, we have figured out a solution for this. To incentivize GAE token holders, every selling transaction made with the GAE token will be charged a slight tax of 8% tax on the transaction value.

More details:
- GAE holders will share passive income as half of the selling transaction fee, particularly 4% of the total value of a transaction.
- After 4% is distributed to GAE holders, another 2.5% of the collected tax fee will be automatically added to the liquidity pool.
- The last 1.5% of the collected tax fee will be used to burn and buyback.

As for the latter question, firstly, game-wise, the reality in the game industry is that modern game projects are often boring and have similar gameplay, which brings very little value in terms of entertainment to players.

Therefore, we focus on those elements to make the game more thrilling and rewarding to our players, giving them a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Secondly, most projects are hindered by the barrier of substantial upfront investment and transaction fees. But with the support of Linked Finance World, we believe this is no longer a problem as our users have the lowest transaction fee across all DEX while enjoying the smoothest gaming experience.

Don’t forget the LoG multi-platform IDO & IGO will take place in April. Keep following our channels for more exclusive updates and information.

SEGMENT #2 | Twitter Questions

Question #1:
Do you have any special plans to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience? Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success.

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
As mentioned above, we have an deflationary model, this might be the first ever in GameFi world, and it also acts as a passive income mechanism for $GAE holders. More details about this mechanism will be published soon on our official channels, so keep following to be up-to-date.

Besides, we’re working hard to get the game ready to be publicly launched, so the community can look forward to a Beta Test in the next few weeks.

In the Beta test, everyone can have a good hands on our earning mechanism, which means real earning through this Beta test.

Don’t worry, our gameplay is very easy, so anyone can join, play and earn.

In conclusion, we care about the community, so we want to create not just a game but some kind of micro-ecosystem for the goods of the community and let them decide.

Question #2:
Can you describe your NFTs? The utility? What’s your product’s roadmap? Do you have plan for Marketing to educate about your NFTs?

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
In Legend of Galaxy, there are more than 100 characters divided into 5 races: Human, Beast, Monster, Devil and Fairy. Each race has its own characteristics, powers and special abilities.

Players can easily trade, buy or lend assets on Legend of Galaxy Marketplace with ease.

Users can check our full gallery here which include every NFT in LoG game until this moment, you can get almost every infomation there. We might create some special characters in the future if that is what the community desire.

This includes everything we plan to do with LOG in the long run and will try our best to keep track of it. However, crypto world is extremely volatile and evolves rapidly, thus we have to change to adapt and grow.

Question #3:
The situation of the market is so bad. What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Why should we choose Legend of Galaxy?

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
Legend of Galaxy aims to be a digital universe where every member has fair opportunities to participate, entertain, contribute and express their lifestyles digitally and reap handsome rewards.

In LoG, you can find many things. Beside what we’ve mentioned, there also the “Big-Three”, which are: Metaverse, Web3 Applications and Play to Earn in 1 project. It may sound a little bit ambitious, still, we’re working on it and it has developed a pretty good, almost a half way in this whole scheme.

Here a sneak peek

We believe and we’re making everything we can to make LoG a place to be, for a good long time.

Question #4
Can you share us your plans or event schedule for the next 2 months? Are there any exciting news you want to update us? Plan for IDO and TGE and after TGE to protect the price of your token

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
At first, we’re looking forward to our multi-platform IDO, IGO — BSCLaunch is one of many advanced launchpad that LoG IDO on, you can get full detail here

Also, LOG is presented on numerous launchpads and currently in the progress of an IGO. The project is finished and ready so we expect to release it right after TGE.
Secondly, we are public about specific timelines. Still, we can also make changes to be more relevant to align our development priorities based on the developer market and resources

Lastly, the gameplay of Legend of Galaxy is built on these main factors: Mystery Box, Marketplace, Combat, Building, Discovery.

It is a crossroad game combined with general card role-playing; players will have the opportunity to recruit more than 100 characters divided into 5 races: Human, Beast, Monster, Devil and Fairy and build the most powerful squad to participate in campaigns to conquer new territories in the galaxy.

To experience the game, you only need to follow a few simple steps, such as registering an account and owning NFTs. Those NFTs are used to complete missions to earn rewards. You can then improve your squad by collecting new NFT heroes in the game and upgrading them.

The value of heroes is determined by their rarity, level, star, in-game rating and the items they carry.

Question #5
Tell us about your partners and backers. There is no doubt that collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Could you please tell us about the current partners and how they support your project?

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
We have an amazing incubator, who is LFW Ecosystem. Users can find almost everything about LoG and LFW at LFW channels
🌐 T.ME/LFWofficial

We don’t have to say much about them because we all know very well about their achievements and all.

Beside LFW, we have 04 more partners who contribute to our launch: BSCLaunch, DAOLaunch, DareNFT, DAOStarter. All these launchpads have very big impact to LoG and have successfully launched multiple projects. So it’s our pleasure to work with them.

SEGMENT 3 | Free-asking from the community

Question #1:
Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
Quite frankly, no, we are not satisfied, YET! But we are proud of what we have been able to achieve. Looking at the first day this project started, it’s just a challenging yet incredible journey.

Seeing the community looking forward to experiencing our project, that’s a wonderful feeling and it also reminds us to keep trying and improving.

Question #2:
What are the steps to become a part of your community, and start getting revenues? Where do we buy, where do we sign up? This looks like an amazing project!

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
I would like to say THANK YOU to your compliment for us, this is a big motivation from the community! First, join in the LoG Community at
🌐 T.ME/legendofgalaxyOfficial

Second, follow our incubator, LFW, to know how LoG works in the whole ecosytem and benefit from LFW GameHub at
🌐 T.ME/LFWofficial

It’s very simple as a matter of fact. In order to join the game, you need to purchase an NFT hero and then just simply play to earn. As for our token, it will be listed on Linked Finanace World, at, an amazing DEX created by our incubator LFW. We are also working to get our token present in other DEX’es too.

So pay attention to all of LoG and our partners updates so you can join in the IDO, IGO to get your own $GAE, and LoG NFT afterward. Then you can be a part in LoG by partcipate in the game with that NFT and continue your journey with us.

Question #3:
COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
COVID 19 has certainly impacted us on many ways. A majority of our team members got COVID 19 and it greatly hindered out progress. Luckily, everyone is safe and has putting 200% of their efforts in this project so I can say everything is on track. What we plan in the future is stated in our roadmap, but we still expect some changes to adapt the volatility of the crypto world.!

Question #4:
According to the roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough funds and strong community to achieve those milestones?

Mr. Michael Nguyen’s answer:
Our top priority is guaranteeing our players’ benefits. Along with that, we will follow the roadmap strictly so that our players will get what they expect.

The game in the early stage is quite simple so we want to make it more complex over time, more challenging and rewarding. Once we feel the features are good enough, we will focus on upgrading graphics and other quality features.

We are doing the best we could to build a strong community and there are some activities that you can join in, such as:
$10,000 airdrop
$1,000 suprise airdrop


Thank you to all of our beloved members who attended the AMA today. Congratulations to the members named below for their special interest in BSClaunch and Legend of Galaxy. You are the lucky ones to share our $300 worth of $GAE prize pool, for those who have won, please send a private message to @Chloe_BSClaunch (Telegram username) on telegram to claim your prize.

  • Please note:
    - To avoid the use of fake nicks, the winning members are requested to contact us within 24 hours to receive their rewards.
    - 10 winners will share a pool of 3
    00 BUSD worth of $GAE










About Legend of Galaxy

Legend Of Galaxy is a crossroad game combined with general card role-playing; players will have the opportunity to recruit more than 100 characters and build the most powerful squad to participate in campaigns to conquer new territories in the galaxy.

📑 Legend of Galaxy whitepaper: Click here

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