BSCLaunch announced a strategic partnership with ISPOlink

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2 min readJun 3, 2021
Partnership Announcement: BSClaunch X ISPOlink

We are thrilled to announce that ISPOlink has joined the BSClaunch ecosystem. This partnership will give us a clear mission and a clear vision. ISPOlink will be an important factor helping BSClaunch strengthen the team with the promising potential of technology companies with
a special group of experts around Global.

The ISPOlink platform has been designed to solve critical problems
businesses encounter in a specific niche — the IT and blockchain sectors, BSClaunch and ISPOlink will combine to develop the best measures to prevent cyber-attacks and strengthen the system’s security system with highly skilled and tech-savvy professionals. We hope that this cooperation between BSClaunch and ISPOlink will bring you the most optimal and perfect experience on our platform.


ISPOlink is a comprehensive blockchain and AI based solution tailored to streamline and automate recruitment processes so that companies would be able to source, attract and assess candidates on their own without third parties. ISPOlink offers completely remote job interviews and hiring services. On the other hand, when it comes to job seekers, they would be able to receive offers from the best Crypto, Blockchain and IT companies with just a few clicks!


BSCLaunch is a top tier launchpad that provides compre-hensive solutions to incubate the future unicorns of the DeFi landscape. It is a one-stop investment launchpad allowing community members to par-ticipate in a fair and equal manner.

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