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2 min readJun 3, 2021

From the Faraland IDO on June 12, 2021, BSClaunch implements the allocation sharing system and tier system. You have to apply to each IDO whitelist to be eligible to participate in the IDO. The more BSL you hold, the bigger the allocation you can buy.

Let’s learn more about it!


We want to bring the opportunity to participate in IDO to as many investors as possible. At the same time, we also appreciate strong BSL holders. Therefore, we will apply the tier system and the allocation sharing as follows:

Allocation for BSL holders

There are four allocation tiers. Depending on the number of BSL you have in your wallet, your allocation cap will be different:

  • Bronze: 500+ BSL holders: Maximum 100$
  • Silver: 1000+ BSL holders: Maximum 200$
  • Golden: 2500+ BSL holders: Maximum 300$
  • Platinum: 5000+ BSL holders: Maximum 400$

Allocation Sharing

The total raise will be divided into four separate pools:

  • 20% of the raise is for the Bronze pool
  • 23% of the raise is for the Silver pool
  • 27% of the raise is for the Golden pool
  • 30% of the raise is for the Platinum pool

*Notes: The IDO will follow First come, first served mechanism.


BSClaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized environment and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity.

BSClaunch is a Service Protocol (Protocol) built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, which includes applications targeting new and potential blockchain projects. Equally and transparently, capital and BSClaunch also provide outstanding features to optimize the user experience and give investors a new perspective on projects launched on the platform by BSClaunch. BSClaunch builds products on the existing Binance Smart Chain platform. Users can use the products that BSClaunch offers. To sum up, the BSClaunch protocol is a platform that provides solutions to the core problems facing the market community to create close relationships between investors and developers. A project with a single purpose is WIN-WIN to promote a new potential market and achieve greater goals.

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BSClaunch Official

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