BSClaunch Introduces New IDO Regulations Aimed To Create the Fairest and Most Ethical Investing Environment

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This term was published and will take effect on September 6, 2022.

We are delighted to introduce our newest IDO regulations designed to protect the investment of the BSClaunch Community to preserve our commitment to being the most community-focused Launchpad, keeping our prime goal to facilitate the successful launch of IDO projects on the BSClaunch Platform. This patch will give a series of comprehensive looks into the new updates about our Refunding and Launching Mechanism. Let’s take a ride!

When paying attention to our Community Feedback, we have continuously thought about the IDO policy updates to create the fairest and most ethical investing environment for both project and the community. Since then, We have decided to give our community the right to ensure their investment while participating in our upcoming IDOs, and create a new set of standards for a project to have a successful launch on our platform.

Before jumping into the IDO policy, let’s talk about the previous journey that we have been through together. Despite the fact that our team has worked closely with all the projects that we offered to our community as a Private Sale deal or IDO after the Research Department has a very selective process to ensure that the project will have a successful launch. However, we are still facing a range of issues with some of the projects that unfavourably affected the Investments of our community and the credibility of the BSClaunch platform, which include:

•A delayed launch
• Postponed token distribution
• Not adding enough liquidity in the Token Generation Event
• Insufficient marketing on the project’s end
• No transparency in the process of locking and distributing Team, Strategy and Advisory tokens

BSClaunch will implement new regulations to prevent these issues from occurring again and to protect our users. These regulations are based on our team’s months of study and our vast expertise in launching numerous projects.

BSClaunch has outlined many new IDO rules that will be applicable to any projects that would like to perform the IDO on our launchpad beginning September 6, 2022. These new IDO criteria are necessary to uphold our aim to deliver only the highest-quality IDOs to the attention of our community. The guidelines provided by these regulations will help projects succeed and deliver high returns for their investors by Advising them on how to prepare for the IDO more thoroughly. All chosen projects will receive comprehensive assistance from our experts in marketing, tokenomics consulting, launch plans, and more. We believe that the most suitable way to contribute to and evaluate the Crypto Economies is to learn and take action every single minute to help those new to the Crypto Market and take good care of the Legendary Holders who have been continuously supporting us since day 1.

New BSClaunch regulations now mandate the following:

  1. BSClaunch offers our community the most suitable way to invest in the current conditions market. Within two hours of the token generation event, BSClaunch will allow the community to choose to claim or withdraw their funds. If you decide to withdraw your fund, this action will be considered that you no longer want to accompany the project and will not get the vested allocation. You can only take action 1 time, so please choose wisely.
  2. BSClaunch will require the projects to confirm all the information in the liquidity plan provided by the project and reviewed by BSClaunch. The liquidity must be locked for a minimum of 12 months. BSClaunch reserves the right to hold the raised amount of tokens in stablecoins if a project disregards this regulation to protect its community.
  3. Due to several instances in which other launchpads received tokens before our community, we will require that all projects confirm the distribution times for all parties. Everyone will get distributions at the same time, or they will incur a significant financial penalty, a full or partial return of all future distributions, or both.
  4. BSClaunch requires a minimum of one month between the IDO and listing date (TGE). When 1 month is surpassed, the community will be given the option to vote on whether the project should continue or a full refund be issued.
  5. BSClaunch will review the project roadmap and budget from both the development and marketing perspectives to ensure that the strategy is practical and the project has allocated sufficient funds.
  6. BSClaunch will require the project to be audited on at least 1 Smart Contract Audit Company platform. In addition, we will also review the project’s smart contract audit and verify that there are no blacklists or other restrictions in their token contract, so it doesn’t affect the token distribution and the community.
  7. The BSClaunch team will retain the funds for up to seven days after launching the token to prevent any difficulty generated purposefully by the Client, including but not limited to rug pulling, aberrant LP activity, unethical behaviours, etc.
  8. All of the projects that we launch will go through a KYC process, this KYC process is applied to all C-Level team! In addition, we will also arrange regular meetings with the projects to support and ensure that they are doing the best work for the project.

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BSClaunch Official

Incubation accelerator for entrepreneurs to create moonshot projects. #IDO #IGO Launchpad, Yield Farming. Top connections in crypto spaces — $BSL #Crosschain