BSClaunch Research: An In-depth overview about DRIVEZ


  • Category: M2E, Web3
  • Ticker $DRIV
  • Blockchain Network: BNB Chain
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 USD
  • Project Valuation:
    + Seed round: 15,000,000 USD
    + Private round: 20,000,000 USD
    + Public sale: 28,000,000 USD
  • Initial Token Circulation: 12,100,000 Tokens
  • Initial Market Cap: 338,800 USD
  • Total Raise: 2,665,000 USD



DRIVEZ is a Web 3.0 lifestyle application and the first NFT DAO mixed up with GameFi and CommunityFi.

DRIVEZ’s solution is to make your everyday boring commuting become an enjoyable and effortless earning moment.

DRIVEZ is not encouraging users to drive more (and producing more emissions in the process), but we’ve found a way to make your daily driving valuable and use it to fight against air pollution and plant new trees around the world.

DRIVEZ’s mission: Turning boring daily commuting into valuable earnings and joining hands to make our world greener!


- In the short term, the marketing strategy will focus on acquiring users to the system with a Free-Drive-To-Earn campaign, early users will have the opportunity to experience the product early and receive test tokens(tDRIV), when launching officially will have the opportunity to be converted into $DRIV (the governance token).

- Focus on upgrading the drive-to-earn experience and optimizing earnings for users, targeting the taxi and uber drivers directly so they have a chance to earn more while still having to drive every day. and other users who want to drive to earn.

- In the long-term, the marketing strategy focuses on creating values and emotions as well as a steady income for users to help them stick with the application, as well as continuously attracting new users. participation.

- Focusing on building community, taking care of users who love collecting car models, car NFTs and cooperating with celeb + automobile brand name to customize NFT for users, building sense of buy-to-hold NFTs so users will use it as an incentive to join drive-to-earn to earn token upgrade for their NFT.



There are some move-to-earn projects already launched. The biggest one is StepN but our model is different and unique among those projects. As they know from the market research, there are no move-to-earn projects about driving and benefit users from commuting. They also commit to use a part of our profit to do charity to save the environment.

Here is 5 points that make DRIVEZ standing out:

  1. The first NFT DAO — strong and unique with long-term vision

The long-term vision of this project is that they focus on building a strong and unique NFT DAO in the blockchain world, which encourages the sense of buy-to-hold NFTs. They target people who love collecting NFTs, more specifically, here is car NFTs. DRIVEZ NFTs will soon be very rare and valuable because they only issue 50K including 30K sold in the public sale and the rest would be the special NFTs and will be sold a year later. These special NFTs are co-product with celebrities and big brand names in the world to make the NFTs more customized to the buyers.

2. Mirroring NFT — the next generation of NFT Minting and Breeding:

Mirroring is the revolution of minting and breeding NFT, which allows users to use one of their vehicles to mirror and get the new NFT. Mirroring has less inflation than breeding or minting because there is a certain number of NFT will be mirrored everyday, this number will be calculated based on the number of users in application to make sure the NFT supply will not exceed the NFT demand.

3. Seamless in-app experience — Everything in one app

DRIVEZ is an all-in-one application, you can drive-to-earn, trade NFT and swap your token in app so that the user experience is seamless.

4. Lands

The best highlight of the project — Lands — users are able to buy lands and build their own gas station/garage to earn from other users. DRIVEZ allows people to have passive income then earn more and more.

5. Anti-inflation Mechanism

Being different from other projects, DRIVEZ has a complete and powerful mechanism for anti-inflation in the app and this is the next highlight they would like to show you.

They have 5 ways to control the inflation including:

  1. Charging fee from user action then burn or charity the token
  2. A well-designed auto-balance and anti-inflation control system
  3. NFT DAO control inflation by mirroring function
  4. Diversified token use cases
  5. And continuously fill the reward pool to reduce new token generating.


  • Flutter, iOS (Swift), Android(Kotlin), ReactJS for application + website
  • MongoDB for data storage
  • Node.js , Nest.js for server modules
  • GPS tracking
  • Machine learning to detect cheating through data simulation
  • Cross-chain NFT Technology
  • Notable technologies team is applying: Web3 on Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Auto-Balance and Anti-Inflation Control System
  • A control system with a special mechanism invented by DRIVEZ’s experts which helps to control the inflation and fairly distribute rewards between old and new users.


  • Drive-to-earn: users will have two options including buying NFT or renting NFT in DRIVEZ’s own marketplace if they don’t want to spend too much money at the beginning. When they start driving or moving with the minimum speed of 20km/h, they will have a chance to earn some rewards, collect some parts or NFT. Especially for user who rent NFTs, their reward will be shared to NFT owner with the percentage of 32% and the rest will go to their account
  • We build DRIVEZ’s own marketplace (People can trade NFTs and tokens) and wallets (people can directly trade and swap their crypto currency) in the application so that users will have a seamless experience.


2/2022: +) DRIVEZ concept was born;

+) Research and DRIVEZ mechanism developing;

3/2022: +) UI/UX design;

+) Mockup design;

+) DRIVEZ Application development;

4/2022: +) Internal alpha testing & bug fixing;

+) Marketplace & wallet development;

5/2022: +) Official site launching;

+) Internal beta testing & bug fixing;

+) Start of fundraising;

6/2022: +) IDO & DEX listing;

+) DRIVEZ App Publics Alpha testnet (iOS & Android)

+) Testnet Referral Event

+) Free-to-earn with test-NFT and $tDRIV

7/2022: +) Limited NFT Offering;

+) DRIVEZ Publics Beta testnet (iOS & Android)

+) Converting $tDRIV to $DRIV

+) Seamlessly In-App marketplace and wallet launching;

8/2022: +) Staking event;

+) Challenge Sýtem launching;

9/2022: +) Mainet launching;

+) 1st Charity event;

10/2022: +) Land NFT INO;

+) Gas station & Garage features launching;

11/2022: +) CommunityFi features launching;

+) Multi-chain integrated;

12/2022: +) CommunityFi event;

+) Rental Feature launching;

+) 2nd Charity event;

+) Halving event;

2023: +) Bike, bicycle integrated;

+) On chain wallet with DAPP support

+) Corporate with Automobiles manufactures and artists;

+) Manufacturer System launching.


The revenue comes from three main source: NFT, Trading Fee, Consumption Items (Gasoline, repairing fees …) and will come to the treasury to develop the project, burning and especially raising fund for charity organizations

They will have a very stable income from selling NFT which is parts, mirrors, boosters, and transaction fee.



$DRIV: Governance token

How to earn:

  • Drive to earn (Level >30 — tentatively)
  • Staking
  • Trading
  • Event
  • Challenge

Use case:

  • Buy Vehicles
  • Buy Car Box
  • Buy Special Car’s Parts
  • Buy Special Booster
  • Buy Mirror
  • Upgrading Car (odd level)
  • Special Event Fee
  • Trading
  • Governance

$INCO: Token in-APP

How to earn:

  • Drive2Earn
  • Daily Challenge
  • Lucky Earning
  • Trading
  • Staking

Use Case:

  • Pay Gas Fee
  • Repairing Car
  • Tuning Fee
  • Buy Normal Booster
  • Upgrading Car (even level)
  • Trading
  • Mirroring


Seed Sale

Fundraised: 525,000 USD

Price: 0.015 USD

Lock-up: 3.5% TGE, cliff 2 months, weekly vesting in 18 months

Private Sale

Fundraised: 1,300,000 USD

Price: 0.020 USD

Lock-up: 7.5% TGE, cliff 1 month, weekly vesting in 12 months

Public Sale

Fundraised: 840,000 USD

Price: 0.028 USD

Lock-up: 20% TGE, linear vesting in 04 months





General Information

Detail Information

  • Team experiences
  • Traditional business: software and application designer, 10 years experience, top 5 outsourcing company in Japan;
  • Crypto space: 5 years in cryptocurrency investment and technical support
  • Linkedin accounts: (At least Founders, CEO, CMO, CTO)
  • Founder and CEO — Do Tien Hung (Shine Do):

  • Co-founder and CSO — Hoang Anh Tuan (Tada Hoang):

  • Business Development Director — Duong Thanh Cong (Cong Duong):

  • CTO: Duong Minh Hai (Harry Duong):


  • Seed & Private round: K24, AvatarDAO, Gameon Venture, GVN Technology
  • Public round: BSCLaunch, BSC Station, Enjinstarter, NFTB, Kingdom starter, GameStarter, Gagarin, Marspad, Antpad, Trustfi, Lunapad


Project Partners: GameStarter, DAOStarter, TrustFi, Pink sale, Gamerhub, Gameon, Avatardao, GVN Technology, K24 Venture, Marspad, Gamefi Capital

Marketing Services Partners: Cabin VC, Gamefi Capital, Trustfi, Pinksale, Gamerhub,

Key Opinion Leaders: Updating


DRIVEZ is a Web 3.0 lifestyle application and the first NFT DAO mixed up with GameFi and CommunityFi.

DRIVEZ is not encouraging users to drive more, but they have found a way to make your daily driving valuable. DRIVEZ brings solutions to make your tedious days of commuting become enjoyable and effortless earning moments.

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