BSClaunch Research: An In-depth overview about Pirates land


Category: GameFi, NFTs, P2E
Ticker: PLT
Blockchain Network: BSC
Token Supply: 500,000,000 tokens
Initial Token Circulation: 3.785%
Initial Market Cap: 567,750 USD
Total Raise: 1,465,000 USD
Platform Raise: 50,000 USD



Pirates Land is a play to earn game with a Pirates theme. It’s the place where players have the mission to build, own and upgrade their NFTs in order to fight with other players and to be the best. Pirates Land was born with the mission of building up a world where everybody in the world can come, play, connect and earn in the TreasureVerse of Pirates Land. The game will solve the demand to entertain, social interaction and earning from the users.


Before TGE

  • Boosting social impression
  • Materials: TVC 3D, Animation videos
  • Method: Introduce with partners, cover on all social media channels
  • Build up Pirates Land’s community with viral campaigns
  1. Creators of Pirates Land
  • Purpose: Boosting the developer team’s transparency
  • Method: Using real image of developer team through photos and videos as key visual
  • Main channel: Inhouse official media channels

2. Play with Oxto

  • Purpose: Boosting the key visual and art style of Pirates Land
  • Method: Using Oxto — A monster in Pirates Land as key visual to create viral content on social media
  • Tool: Filter 3D
  • Main channel: Facebook, Tiktok

3. Pirates cosplay photoset

  • Purpose: Media the long-term concept of Pirates Land — The TreasureVerse
  • Method: Photoset in Pirates theme, background in Hanoi Urban Railway
  • Main channel: PR Global

4. Countdown for IDO

  • Purpose: ​​Key campaign for Boxsale/Marketplace, IDO
  • Method: Partnership with launchpads, co-brand Marketing
  • Main channel: Partners’ communities
  • Connecting with KOLs for media INO and IDO events
  • Method: Booked 20+ Youtube and Twitter KOLs to build up community and media for INO, IDO events

After TGE

Main Events

  1. Pirates Land Listing: The Beginning
  • Listing on Pancakeswap
  • Listing on MEXC

2. Mainnet

Marketing concept direction:

  • Boosting up social media (Official channels and community) for the upcoming events
  • Highlight concept gameplay

Marketing methods:

  • Connecting Youtube and Twitter KOLs, cover all media channel
  • Booking PR Global (Overview about the project and achievements so far)
  • AMA sessions with partners and communities
  • Contact for streaming game on Facebook, Youtube



Pirates Land is a Play-to-earn game where gamers as the captains can build unbeatable boats and conquer all treasure islands. The mission of creating an ecosystem of TreasureVerse, and Pirates Land is the very first step to build up the infinite world inside. Following and promoting the values and the long-term mission, Pirates Land is aiming for building up a new world where people globally come together to play, earn, and live in the future. We believe that the strong beginnings will bring limitless growth to the Pirates Land metaverse ecosystem. With the growth of the blockchain financial market, Metaverse Pirates will be the future of the Blockchain Gaming Revolution.


The game is developed on CocosCreator engine. Build amazing games and software that works on phones, tablets, PCs, and the web. We use Binance Smart Chain network to build on, due to the large number of current users, low gas fee rate and its ease of use.



There are 5 tiers of Battleships, each with a different number of shots/attacks depending on the quality of the Battleship. There are 5 tiers of Ship are Classic — Rare — Super Rare — Ultra Rare — Legendary.

  • Level

Players can level up their battleships. Each shot will be rewarded with a certain amount of EXP. Leveling up increases the ship’s stats.

  • Durability

After using for a while, the battleship will appear damaged, players need to repair and maintain the boat to ensure benefits.

  • How to own ships?

Players can randomly claim Battleships from opening Mystery Boxes, which are sold separately or Joining Spinning inside the Game.


Port is an important item in the Pirates Land that gives certain benefits for captains when trading, buying and selling on the marketplace. For example, the transaction fee can be deducted if captains own at least one port.


Cannon is what all Pirates must have in Pirates Land, and this is mounted on the side of the battleship. Cannon also has its own stats.


Every Captains have a dream to buy an Empire in Pirates Land, and owning an island is the first start.

  • How to own an island?

Captains have to build an island by collecting the fame points. Fame points can be earned while experiencing the game.

  • Level

Islands also have different levels that decide the number of ship Captains can own. The higher the level of islands is, the more battleship Captains can have.

Not only the ship that captains can customize, islands also can be decorated in unique ways by the decorative pieces. That makes the ecosystem inside the Pirates Land become diverse and unique.

There are 5 levels of islands.

GAMEPLAY — The Foundation Features

  • Buy Ship (NFT): Captains can own their ships by buying Boxes or joining the spinning function to receive battleships.
  • Spin
  • All captains can have 10 turns to spin for free.
  • If spinning to the “Earning points”, captains can have extra points to build and up level the islands
  • If spinning to the “PvP extra functions”, captains can collect to use when joining the PvP mode
  • Otherwise also have the “Extra turns” and captains can have more turns to spin.
  • Build Islands: Captains can collect points to build and up-level the islands from level 1 to level 5. Islands will decide the maximum number of battleship captains can have
  • Decorate The Battleship: Captains can decorate the battleship by many items such as cannon, bow, sail, bullet, flag
  • Marketplace & Port: When owning a port, the transaction fee on marketplace can be deducted
  • Battleship Maintenance
  • This function is related to the PVP Attack the island mode. Captains have to reload the battleships everyday. Ships must be loaded once a day to have a full number of shots.
  • Battleships also can be upgraded. There are exp points to up-level the battleship and stats of each ship will increase following the level.

PVP to Earn:

The main mission for all captains is to attack and occupy treasure islands. And the first mission would be to attack the islands of other pirates!

Each time you play, you will be given the option of 1 of many random islands on the screen, consume 1 cannonball to attack and receive random results. The result received affects the token reward from: Excellent, Perfect, Great, Good, Miss.

You can switch between battleships to attack. Cannonballs can be reloaded, costing tokens. Reloading will reload cannonballs for all ships you own. Cooldown: After reloading, you need to wait 24 hours to reload the next time.

Choose your opponent and use your turns to attack enemy ships. Successfully destroying an enemy ship will receive fame points. Fame points are used to buy items in the shop.



  • Graphic design
  • KYC team
  • Design gameplay
  • Design items
  • Research and development


  • Generate source code
  • Partners contact
  • Marketing & Building community


  • Launch social and website
  • Game beta internal test
  • Audit Certik
  • Game Testnet


  • IDO
  • Listing on PCS, CMC, CGK
  • Game Mainnet
  • Release futures: PVE, Islands, Maintenance
  • Marketplace — Port
  • Customized battleship V1
  • Testnet: PVP to earn and ranking


  • Raid Boss F2P
  • Raid Boss P2E
  • PVP — P2E
  • Customized Islands V1
  • Customized battleship V2


  • TreasureVerse
  • Mini game of racing battleships
  • Achievement + title of Pirates
  • Tournament & Ranking
  • Customized islands v2
  • Customized Battleship V3


  • IDO, INO
  • Tax, slip, from buying, selling, transfering token
  • Tax withdraw ingame
  • Tax when user join PVP features



Use Cases:

  • Staking
  • Trading
  • For rewards for participating in community events
  • Buying items in Pirates Land

Burning Point

  • Battleship maintenance: Battleships that have been used for some time will expire, users need to spend several tokens to conduct “maintenance” of the battleships so that users can continue to use ships to farm tokens.
  • Reloading: Everyday users need to spend several tokens to reload the battleships. When loaded enough, users can use the ships in PVE monster mode.
  • Raid boss (P2E): Participating users need to spend several tokens to fight with the ocean raid bosses, winners who are the ones with the highest damage points will receive a majority of the tokens that are contributed (10% will be deducted as the fee)
  • PVP (P2E): Players need to spend tokens to participate in the PVP battle mode (2 battleships will fight each other). The winner can take back their tokens and earn the other’s tokens (10% will be deducted as the fee)

Tax Details

  • Claim: Users can claim all the tokens earned a day from all the ships, instead of claiming one by one.
  • Claim tax: 50% — 40% — 30% — 20% -10% corresponding to 5 days.
  • On the 6th day, the player can claim the whole token with 0% fee
  • Withdrawing: 3% token
  • Buy: 1% token
  • Sell: 2% token
  • Transferring between wallets: 2% token
  • Trading on Marketplace: 15%, if owning ports is 10%
  • The transaction fee will be added to the pool reward


Seed Sale

  • Fundraised: 0 USD
  • Price: 0.015 USD
  • Lock-up: Unlock 3% at TGE, 6 months lock up, then linear monthly vesting in 36 months
  • Target: 90,000 USD

Private Sale

  • Fundraised: 0 USD
  • Price: 0.023 USD
  • Lock-up: Unlock 5% at TGE, 3 months lock up, then linear monthly vesting in 24 months
  • Target: 625,000 USD

Public Sale

  • Fundraised: 550,000 USD
  • Price: 0.03 USD
  • Lock-up: 50% TGE, then linear weekly vesting in 03 weeks
  • Target: 750,000 USD


Play to earn: 42%

Fund reverse: 14%

Ecosystem: 11%

Team Development: 10%

Advisor: 2%

Liquidity: 10%

Public sale: 5%

Private sale: 5%

Seed sale: 1%


Seed: Unlock 3% at TGE, 6 months lock up, then linear monthly vesting in 36 months

Private Sale: Unlock 5% at TGE, 3 months lock up, then linear monthly vesting in 24 months

Public Sale: 50% TGE, then linear weekly vesting in 03 weeks

Play — to — Earn: Unlock 7.5% per quarter, start unlocking upon Game Launch.

Fund Reserve: Lock 6 months, then vesting linear in 3 years

Liquidity: TGE 10%, Lock 5 years

Ecosystem: TGE 2%, 2% after TGE 1 month, then linear vesting in 36 months.

Team: 12 month lock up, then 5% monthly

Advisors: 6 month lock up, then 10% monthly



General Information (Showing public investors)

Detail Information

(1) Team Headquarters:

Hanoi, Vietnam

(2) Team Members information + Linkedin profile links:



- Founder at LFG Ventures.

- 5 years experience as Game Operation Department, including more than 2 years as Project Manager, 3 years as Head of Operations.

- 1 year experience as an Analyst Executive of Gaming, specialized on analyzing and distributing mobile games.

- 3 years at the position of Quality Assurance — senior level.



- Co-founder — CEO at Gzone.

- 8 years experience in game publishing.

- In which 4 years hold the position of marketing director. and 4 years hold the position of CEO.



- 12 years experience in the field of security technology.

- Used to be a senior security advisor at VinGroup.

- 3 years as Leader of Policy and Security Team at AB bank (An Binh Bank).



- 5+ years experience in web development.

- 1+ years of smart contract development and blockchain experience.

- Technical leader of Ladifire and Chot.Sale.



- Co-founder — CEO at BAZOKA STUDIO.

- 6 years experience in Game Development.

- Project manager at BAZOKA Media Viet Nam.


- 4+ years of experience as a 2D Game Artist.

- 2+ years of leadership in the Art team.

About Pirates land

Pirates Land is a pirate-themed play-to-earn game. It’s the place where players can build, own, and enhance their NFTs in competing with other pirates and be the best of the last.

Pirates Land was born with the mission of building up a world where everybody in the world can come, play, connect and earn in the TreasureVerse of Pirates Land

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About BSClaunch

BSClaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment, and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity. BSClaunch isn’t just another launchpad, we are an ecosystem launcher that provides a full suite of DeFi solutions.

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Incubation accelerator for entrepreneurs to create moonshot projects. #IDO #IGO Launchpad, Yield Farming. Top connections in crypto spaces — $BSL #Crosschain

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BSClaunch Official

Incubation accelerator for entrepreneurs to create moonshot projects. #IDO #IGO Launchpad, Yield Farming. Top connections in crypto spaces — $BSL #Crosschain

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