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  • Category: Metaverse, Web3, P2E, F2P, Home of Crypto, Gaming/NFT, SocialFi
  • Ticker: $iCADE
  • Blockchain Network: BNB Chain
  • Token Supply: 750,000,000 iCADE
  • Project Valuation: 30,000,000 USD
  • Initial Token Circulation: 12,400,000 iCADE
  • Initial Market Cap: 496,000 USD
  • Total Raise: 4,910,000 USD
  • Platform Raise: 50,000 USD of Public Sale Round on BSClaunch platform



CrypCade is a Metaverse as a Service product. CrypCade is the Entertainment Ecosystem that brings ultimate Gaming & Entertainment experience for Users in a Metaverse environment. The CrypCade City Metaverse is separated into 7 sectors. Each with its own unique environment, challenges and rewards. Within the Metaverse, partner dapps or crypto projects will be able to co-build their own dapps and CrypCade users will be able to play their favorite games using the ecosystem’s native token. Exciting P2E games, try your luck in the 100% provably fair Casino, Race against other players in the HOVER racer game and get rewards daily. Own a Property or land and get paid revenue. Hold one of the KEYS and Earn TAX from all the residents in CrypCade city. Interact with REAL WORLD business.


Crypcade City is in connection with and emerge esports huge esports presence to both which will help drive the audience to their P2E game as well as the metaverse as a whole

Their main objective is to create a larger user base presence and not rely on hype marketing. TGE phase they will start to focus and utilize their launchpads communities/ Kols/ marketing to hype the release and launch date of the METAVERSE and direct traffic towards Minting and sales of NFTs.

KOL/community collab with celebrities also and competitions. They will use the launchpads KOL they have on offer for marketing purposes and during the main launch, they will have some great celebrities join us.

CrypCade City Marketing Calendar


3 June — weekly update newsletter released

8 June — NFT Showroom previews

9 June — RDB Repair Shop finalized

10 June — Augmented Reality App UI implementation

13 June — Finalizing Metamask integration

14 June — Finalizing multipurpose Arena

15 June — Enjinestarter IDO/Infinity Pad(daomaker)

16 June — Car to hovercraft transformation

17 June — Sector 1 expansion by around 40%

20 June — Implementing optimized NPCs

21 June — Testing public and private multiplayer rooms

22 June — Final NFT and wallet integration testing

23 June — Revised minimap

24 June — AR app and metaverse rewards implementation

27 June — Challenges and achievements

28 June — Personalized avatar implementation

29 June — Final security testing

30 June — Final bug testing


1 July — Multiplayer game demo launch

4 July — Fireworks Event



CrypCade is an open fullstack multiverse. Inside the multiverse, one has access to game types such as PvP, multiplayer, PvE and open world. The goal at CrypCade is to retain the attention of users inside the multiverse, with functions such as arcade, token swap, DAO governance, play 2 earn, multiple sectors and universes, customisable lifestyle, integration of other projects into the ecosystem, as well as real-life while maintaining a high-graphic immersive experience.
What makes CrypCade different from the current state of Metaverse is the ability to allow Dapps and 3rd party projects/games/companies to be integrated inside the metaverse within a short time frame with functioning features. Generating a new flow of revenue for the projects involved.

Metaverse as a service is the main objective as this creates a real-world virtual experience for the citizens of CrypCade city.


  • Fully customized in-house built NFT integration via Web3 protocol, 100% provably Fair SHA256 algorithm to protect the users and the legitimacy of the games’ results. (full benefits of using a decentralized blockchain)
  • Crypcade city is built on the BNB chain with a large number of users and low gas fee. BNB chain has strong communities and currently is the biggest network on blockchain.


1. Crypcade City: Created as different districts with each district having a different atmosphere one can walk, drive or even fly to the next districts. Purchase Plots as NFT and owners of NFT earn Monthly Income generated from the plot.

2. CrypArcade: An Arcade consists of various PVE/PVP Games and also people take part in gaming tournaments. Various other games can come inside the Metaverse to give their users a Metaverse Gaming experience.

3. DAO Feature: First Metaverse with DAO Governance in place for eligible token holders to have voting privileges to take important decisions on the Crypcade ecosystem.

4. Development Fund: This fund supports developers to build Engaging games and entertainment Dapp on the CrypCade ecosystem.

5. CrypCade Clubhouse: provides Influencers, Celebrities and communities with virtual spaces inside the Metaverse with membership benefits.

6. CrypCade Gallery- Virtual Gallery Marketplace for artists, Creators, influencers, celebrities or anyone to sell their NFTs and Merchandise and to give an immersive buying experience.

Like to Game? Here you can find the finest Play2Earn Games available anywhere across the galaxy. HoverRacer! try your luck at getting the fastest time within a 24-hour period and enjoy massive rewards. Be a great racer in the city of CrypCade and earn your respect and right to travel to the elite sectors.

Apply for your business to be inside the CrypCade city space and get paid tax revenue and own your own virtual store.

Stores can be anything from a smart contract-based Defi system to an NFT shoe and everything in between.

Try out your skill in the CADE Titans Play2Earn shooter transforming Mechs. Get exclusive NFTs inside the game and sell them for REAL profits in the CrypCade NFT gallery located inside sector 1.

Be the last to survive in the Cade Battle (Royal) and join up to 40 players to be the king of the hill.

Get Paid to Be the BEST!

You can earn and become one of the richest Citizens in CrypCade City. Some ways to earn passively are the integrated Move2Earn systems whereby the longer distance the avatar walks/runs/flies the more reward is airdropped. A real Play 2 Earn integration but on a bigger scale. Earn using your skills inside the Arcade or try out one of the several Skilled Based games.

If you want to have a better understanding about Crypcade City’s product dive, please via this link:


Please via Crypcade City’s website to see detail of roadmap:


Until now the Revenue has been generated Via the Luck based economy ( casino).
The project has been built by using the team’s own funds and the economy is sustained by the casino income, the NFT sales, play 2 earn system.
iCADE contributes to the percentage of voting power a user has, due to the DAO System. The land and buildings also have their own governance and taxes, out of which part of them revert back to CrypCade.



- Tokens can be frozen for dividends from the Dividend Vault while simultaneously the number of frozen tokens will count in vote-casting and voting systems.
- Lands, buildings, characters, vehicles will be sold as NFTs.
- Each property will have its own tax system.
iCADE Swap will also be a service provided inside the metaverse, thus facilitating token swaps without having to leave the metaverse.


Seed Sale

Fundraised: 750,000 USD

Price: 0.015 USD

Lock-up: 0% at TGE, 4% after 10 days, 3% after 40 days, followed by 3 months cliff, followed by 14 months linear vesting

Private Sale

Fundraised: 1,760,000 USD

Price: 0.022 USD

Lock-up: 5% at TGE, 4% after 30 days, followed by 3 months cliff, followed by 14 months linear vesting

Strategic Sale

Fundraised: 1,200,000 USD

Price: 0.03 USD

Lock-up: 6% at TGE, 4% after 30 days, followed by 2 months cliff, followed by 12 months linear vesting

Public Sale

Fundraised: 1,200,000 USD

Price: 0.04 USD

Lock-up: 20% at TGE, 3% after 30 days, followed by 5 months linear vesting


Marketing activities, liquidity, exchange listings, Salary and bonus, Community building, Tournament organization.



For Crypcade City’s Token release schedule, please via the link below:



Detail Information

  • Team experiences
  • Traditional business
  • Crypto space
  • Linkedin accounts: (At least Founders, CEO, CMO, CTO)

Kirubakaran Reddy — CBDO

LinkedIn profile:

Darius Saftoiu — CFO
LinkedIn profile:

Sorna Gandhi — Lead Developer

LinkedIn profile:

Daiana Rad — Social Media Strategist

EVL PPY Gaming Studio

The CrypCade Team is KYC’d with Assure DeFi’s commercial KYC:

Block Brands

Mihai Rad
LinkedIn profile:

Ahmed Abdulla
LinkedIn profile:

Block Brands

Theodore Agranat
LinkedIn profile:

Strategic Investor:
Tarun Malik

LinkedIn profile:


MH Ventures, Coinvestor Ventures, Oracles Investment Group, Enjinstarter Investment Group, CryptoZillaVC, R930 Capital, ZBS Capital, V2B Labs, Nebula Community VC, Block Brands, Hyper Growth, Boundless, Mysteria Capital, Mirmi Capital, CoinW, Zephyrus Capital, Cryptobuddy, DAO Kondr, Block Brands, Aha Capital, Tyler Hill, Conor Kenny, Empire Venture Capital, Theprojectdock, X-Pro Capital, Crypto Kingdom Ventures, Safe Launch



CrypCade is the Entertainment Ecosystem that brings ultimate Gaming & Entertainment experience for Users in a Metaverse environment.

With CrypCade, users will be able to co-build their own D-apps and CrypCade citizens will be able to play their favourite games using the ecosystem’s native token.

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