BSClaunch Research: An In-depth overview of MetaDoge


  • Category: GameFi, M2E, Metaverse, P2E, NFTs
  • Ticker: $MTDU
  • Blockchain Network: BNB Chain
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Project Valuation: 10,000,000 USD
  • Initial Token Circulation: 32,000,000 Tokens
  • Initial Market Cap: 320,000 USD
  • Total Raise: 1,275,000 USD
  • Platform Raise:30,000 USD of Public Sale on BSClaunch platform.



MetaDoge is a Blockchain-based game project that takes inspiration from Space Doge. This game is intended to be an expandable ecosystem with attractive game modes. All modes in the MetaDoge ecosystem share the same NFT Doges, making the utility to be limitless in the future.

Some completed game modes:

+ MetaDoge Endless Runner — Free to Play & Earn: Attractive gameplay, accessible to newcomers, is the premise to move non-crypto players to crypto through the reward system.+ MetaDoge Runner Tracker: It aims a healthy & balanced experience that is both entertaining and healthy for players

+ MetaDoge Virtual Racing: PVP race for the SpaceDoges, full of competition between players.

… and many more game modes in the future

The fundamental gameplay is meticulously designed and interesting, with a focus on the user experience, resulting in a robust and sustainable ecology. Players will be rewarded for their time, effort, and entertaining gaming experience.


Marketing Plan for INO:

- Target Audiences: Crypto users and non-crypto gamers in the countries that MetaDoge focuses on: Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Turkey.

To educate the target audiences the USPs of MetaDoge and benefits of the early NFT holders, hence encourage them to buy NFT boxes.

To do so, MetaDoge team pushes marketing activities on the following channels:

  • MetaDoge’s own social channels
  • Social channels of MetaDoge’s partners
  • Launchpads
  • KOL/Community
  • Newspapers / media / communities

Marketing activities: Besides news related to the project, MetaDoge and its partners will organize different activities, including minigames, learn & earn program, contests, video reviews, AMA tournament, etc.

- More than that, MetaDoge works with KOLs to do Affiliate Marketing, MetaDoge will have cashback program with an amount of up to 15% for the referrer, based on the total revenue taken from the referral link of the referrer.

Benefits of early NFT holders:

  • Besides the normal use cases of MetaDoge NFTs, there is also another campaign called Beta Earn, which allows early NFT holders to earn BUSD before mainnet. This money is from the liquidity pool, which is taken from 40% of Mystery Box sales. (Beta Earn will be open around 1 week after INO)
  • Doge’s attributes which are upgraded in the Beta Earn will be maintained and applied in the mainnet version. Hence, besides earning a large amount of BUSD, the NFT Space Doges of the early buyers will be much better than those of the others.
  • The higher attributes of the Space Doge, the more advantages of players in both PVE and PVP. It will directly affect the earning rate in the future. (For PVE: Amount of turns; For PVP: Base stats which affect the victory chance.)
  • Last but not least, the chance to get NFT Space Doges with higher rarity in this INO is much better than other ways to acquire NFT Space Doges. No other box sales will have the chance to get rarer Doge as high as this.



► MetaDoge is intended to be a limitlessly expandable ecosystem with different game modes. Therefore, there is no limit for the utility of NFTs and token

► It reaches the market by having casual modes and keeping the players in the game with the competitive PVP mode.

► Gameplay is designed to encourage reinvestment from players, hence the economic system is effective in inflation reduction.

► The rental feature is designed for both personal and gaming guild, in which there is a built-in dApp for smooth operation

► The ecosystem is complete and ready to launch

► It is a complete in-house product, hence MetaDoge team can control the quality 100%.


MetaDoge’s community can currently trade NFTs on BSC chain but they’re working on supporting the users with multi-chain integration that would allow on-platform transactions in various cryptos.

Project’s chosen Binance Smart Chain as the blockchain for their token because it’s the fastest, cheapest and climate-neutral blockchain. BSC’s ecosystem is rich in quality NFT and Metaverse projects and being a part of that Ecosystem is a great path for MetaDoge.


Metadoge combines user experience with traditional game genres-endless runner game, virtual racing game, and move to earn function.

  • Skill-based game: The Endless Runner mode combines traditional game characteristics like visuals and gameplay mechanism with non-custodial smart-contract-powered features such as NFT, Defi, and Blockchain. In order for the game to be competitive and allow the dedicated gamers to earn from playing it, the game will have to be primarily skill-based. They prioritize skill over pay-to-win.
  • Free time to play: The Metadoge Virtual Racing game is a doge racing simulator. The results of the virtual racing will be determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) based on the player’s doge stats points giving you a fair opportunity to place at the top. This is a game mode for those who don’t have a lot of spare time but are still interested in the universe of games.
  • Sustainable Play-to-Earn: Generating revenue when investing in the game is a primary concern, but more importantly, Metadoge’s goals include creating a balanced mechanism that makes the in-game economy sustainable and long-lasting.
  • Must be fun: Want to play Funny Games?. Metadoge is the best starting point. The team wants to transform the perception of Play-to-Earn games from games to professions by merging fun-driven features.
  • MetaDoge will launch Arena & Tournament mode shortly after mainnet launch. (These two modes are PVP combining entertainment and SocialFi betting).
  • MetaDoge will aim to be SocialFi for Doge Lovers.

To have a better understanding about MetaDoge’s Produc Dive, please via this link:






Seed Sale

Fundraised: 150,000 USD

Price: 0.0050 USD

Lock-up: 10% at TGE, cliff for 2 month, linear vesting over 12 months

Private Sale

Fundraised: 225,000 USD

Price: 0.0075 USD

Lock-up: 20% at TGE, linear vesting over 12 months

Public Sale

Fundraised: 900,000 USD

Price: 0.010 USD

Lock-up: 25% at TGE, linear vesting over 4 months




To have a better view of MetaDoge’s Token Release Schedule, please via this link:



General Information

Detail Information


Dream Ventures, BSCStation, Mifu



Acestarter,, Gotbit, RareBoard, Diviner, Oxalus, Kingdom Game, Metawork, ACY Finance, VISPX, Lunapad, BSClaunch, Liquidify

Marketing Services Partners

Gamoni, Coincu, KTTC group, CCA channels, Oneshot ventures, Gemmouse, Dinoland, Soladefy


MetaDoge is a BSC blockchain ecosystem of Space Doge that includes many entertaining products. All applications of MetaDoge use the same MetaDoge NFTs and play an important role in the economic system.

It combines an Endless runner game with a Racing game and Move-to-Earn function, focusing on Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn and Move-and-Earn with 3 main products:

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