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Category: Supper App, Web3, P2E, Metaverse, DAO, Game Studio, Launchpad, Guild
Ticker: $VDT
Blockchain Network: ETH, Polygon, Elysium
Token Supply: 100,000,000 Tokens
Project Valuation: 40,000,000 USD
Initial Token Circulation: 28,000,000 Tokens
Initial Market Cap: TBA
Total Raise: 4,000,000 USD



VendettaDAO is continuing our proven track record of success in gaming and blockchain, along with the recent advancements in Ai, to ensure the success of the Chalk River Metaverse and its seven mini-games in the rapidly-growing world of web three gaming.

VendettaDAO includes a thriving Gaming Guild and Web 2 come Web 3 studio that creates an open-world Wild West Metaverse, coupled with seven Wild West-themed mini-games. • We combine a community-driven DAO with fun web three gaming, engaging and encouraging our communities to input their ideas and suggestions for the metaverse, gaming aspects, chapter quests, and characters. • All while utilizing Ai technology to allow players to interact and create their choose-your-own adventures • We are an already successful team with a successful gaming guild and a long history of success within the gaming industry. Our unique approach to virtual worlds and gaming sets us apart from the competition giving us the edge to make a significant impact in the market.





Technology Highlight of VendettaDAO


• One of the newest and hottest subjects of 2023 is SBTs (Soul Bound Tokens). VendettaDAO has issued “Pioneer” SBTs to all our early adopters who have purchased and held our Genesis NFTs in their wallets on our Dec 15th, 2022 snapshot. • These SBT holders will be the hardcore base of our community, our Pioneers. • These Pioneers will be rewarded with governance rights, discounts, early bird access, and other perks. • Having a solid base community is one of the most substantial assets projects can have.

AI Technology
VendettaDAO includes Ai into our metaverse to allow our NPC characters unlimited interaction abilities with the players. • We will also use this technology to allow users to interact and “create your adventures” within the metaverse


All combined in one App, we can call Vendetta DAO a one-stop app.

The Vendetta DAO ecosystem allows multiple revenue streams and countermeasures to relieve negative inflationary or deflationary pressures. Guild — The gaming guild provides myriad benefits to the economy of VendettDAO. It provides an immediate source of revenue via our p2e gaming community and tremendous leverage when developing strategic partnerships with other web3 projects. Game Studio — Creating in-house games significantly improves our profitability and other multiple streams of revenue, everything from selling game assets to selling white-label versions to 3rd parties. Launchpad — Having a platform that we control allows us to regularly release new not help to the market and partner with other metaverse projects. These types of partnerships can yield high ROI opportunities for our investors. Token — The $VDT token is the main currency of the VendettaDao guild ecosystem. It is our in-game currency and has numerous other utility benefits to the holder. Pre-sale and Public sale proceeds of tokens will be a welcome inflow of early capital.

If you want to have a better understanding of Vendetta’s Product Dive, please via: (Slide 8 to Slide 12)



Vendetta Games

  • P2E gaming
  • In-game economy percentage sharing
  • DynamicNFT sales
  • Limited Use & Utility NFT sales
  • Chalk River Metaverse Land Sales
  • Chalk River Metaverse Building Sales
  • Chalk River Metaverse Mining Licence Sales
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Partnerships with real-world brands and services
  • Game Currency Sales
  • Micro Transactions
  • Battle Passes
  • Subscription Fees

Vendetta Guild

  • P2E Revenue from active scholars
  • NFT Asset value appreciation and Investment
  • Tournaments and E-sport Events



$VDT is the lifeblood of the VendettaDAO, enabling:

  • DAO Governance (of Vendetta Guild)
  • In-game Currency for P2E and commerce
  • Rewards payout to Scholars
  • Staking Pools
  • Circular economy
  • Users can choose to hold and stake VDT tokens which will be rewarded with more VDT tokens, and governance rights in creating gaming features based on staking tires will be featured.
  • As a mechanism to generate secondary In-game/In- world/on-platform currency (Gold Dust) with its independent value.
  • The token for buying/selling VendettaDAO NFTs and potential partner NFTs
  • As a mechanism to reward our most active community members
  • For the purchasing of exclusive in-game upgrades
  • Required to Pay to Play the mini-games and earn the in-game secondary currency Gold Dust, gain experience points and win NFTs
  • As a mechanism for Play to Earn in-game economics
  • For transacting and receiving discounts on the Peer-to-peer Vendetta marketplace
  • For rewarding scholars

The VDT token incorporates a wide variety of use cases across numerous partner projects and platforms; as the ecosystem matures, the number of use cases will increase, as will the demand for the token.


Angel Investment

Fundraised: 250,000 USD

Price: 0.1 USD

Lock-up: 20% at TGE, then a 4-month cliff, vesting monthly over ten months

Seed Sale

Fundraised: 500,000 USD

Price: 0.2 USD

Lock-up: 10% at TGE, then a 3-month cliff, vesting monthly over eight months

Whitelist Public Sale

Fundraised: 1,350,000 USD

Price: 0.3 USD

Lock-up: 10% at TGE, then a 2-month cliff, vesting monthly over six months

Public Sale

Fundraised: 1,800,000 USD

Price: 0.4 USD

Lock-up: 100% at TGE



General Information

Areas of Specialization

  • Designing and Developing Web2 & Web 3 Games
  • Creating Metaverses & Metaverse Assets
  • Building Cryptocurrency DEX’s
  • Building P2E Communities
  • Managing Gaming Communities
  • Building Relationships within Crytpo and with Web 3 Projects
  • Buying/Selling high volumes of NFT Assets


Vendetta Games and Vendetta Guild are two components of the robust ecosystem known as Vendetta DAO. Their goal is to unite gamers, game developers, investors, and metaverse enthusiasts with seven breathtaking Wild West games that will first rock the Metaverse. Excellent P2E prospects are offered by Vendetta Guild, which also plays a crucial role in generating early revenues for the ecosystem as a whole.

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