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  • Category: GamFi, SocialFi, Web3, P2E, NFT, Skill to Earn
  • Ticker: $ DNC
  • Blockchain Network: BNB Chain
  • Token Supply: 10.000.000 Tokens
  • Project Valuation: (Initial Fully Diluted): 350,000 USD
  • Initial Token Circulation: 2,400,000 Tokens
  • Initial Market Cap: 225,000 USD
  • Total Raise: 135,000 USD



DEEP NATION explores a different concept from traditional blockchain games. The traditional play-to-earn model is transformed into a play-to-win model. A game where players compete under the same conditions to win. Only will determine the outcome of the challenges will be skill, strategy, and a cool head.

The player will decide how confident is of his victory by betting a certain amount of Deep$, the game’s internal currency. The winner will receive the full reward, except for the amount set aside for the court rental and maintenance.

Deep$ will be obtained by directly exchanging USDT in a 1:1 ratio. This eliminates the risk of currency fluctuation from the equation, as is the case with other tokens.

The game is set in a dystopian future, where each player, with the help of a force field, tries to beat a constantly moving disk trying to not be returned by the opponent in the purest Pong style. Not returning the disk means that the opponent scores a point. Challenges will be resolved best of 3 points, so the first to score 2 points will win.

In the most interesting challenges, before start, each player can design their strategy by improving different skills according to their playing style. Players can specialize or surprise their opponent with different strategies. It means greater gameplay and entertainment.



Based on our experience with play-to-earn games over the past few years, we have found that, while they hold promise, they have as well some shortcomings that we believe we can address with the DEEP NATION project.

In general, we have seen a poor gameplay experience. Most games are not even fun. They do not provide a rewarding experience beyond earning tokens. Users rely heavily on their initial investment to gain an advantage over other players with lower investments. This creates an imbalance that hinders both competitiveness and entertainment.

Furthermore, depending on market conditions and price fluctuations, the participant’s earnings can be significantly reduced independently of their in-game performance. Most of these projects fell to the market downturn due to their flawed economic structure and inflationary token, leading to a loss of users and investors funds.

Most of the games were not challenging, often requiring players to press a button to progress. On the other hand, others with very complicated mechanics and many options, but in any case, with overwhelmed players and lacking the thrill of facing a challenge.

Inspired by these shortcomings, came to us this project idea offering a solution to it. A simple but compelling game, where only skill and strategic thinking will determine success. Players retain control over their capital allocation, eliminating the risk of market conditions or the value of a token.

DEEP NATION is a straightforward yet enjoyable game, where each match can be different even though the conditions are the same for all players. Free for uncontrolled risks, and accessible to anyone regardless of their financial situation.

DEEP NATION is a revolutionary game, offering a unique and engaging experience for blockchain players. Focused on gameplay, fairness, and accessibility, DEEP NATION has the potential to become one of the most popular games in the industry.


In our project, we will use different technologies and programming languages:

  • The entire blockchain structure will be implemented in Solidity, including the DNC token smart contract and the contracts necessary for the Deep Nation gaming platform participation.
  • The game development is based on Unity, which allows us to achieve high graphic quality with a low specific weight for its operation via web-app.
  • All information and parameters management of the platform will be developed on MySQL with encrypted data.

The use of blockchain technology allows us to automate processes through smart contracts, enabling the immediacy and security of these processes. It guarantees that all operations of the platform’s players are registered and secured.

On the other hand, we want to develop an active participation of investors in our project through the DNC token. Traditionally, investors acquire a token related to the projects so that once the project is launched, the token increases its market value and thus obtains benefits selling it. We want to go one step further and make the token attractive by accessing the benefits generated by the Deep Nation platform.

Through blockchain technology, we can always control which wallets hold DNC tokens and make proportional distributions of the net profit of the platform on a periodic basis. In this way, all investors and holders of the token will obtain passive benefits directly, giving it added value independently of its DEX’s quotation.


Deep Nation is a game where players challenge each other directly in 1vs1 matches, betting a certain amount depending on the room in which they are playing. The match will be played under conditions of absolute equality. Only the player’s skills and his strategic decisions will determine his success.

Deep Nation will provide the necessary infrastructure, both hardware and software, to make the matches possible. Hardly inspired by classic games like Pong or the arcade Windjammers.

How to enter the game:

To access the game, every player must enter the DEEP NATION platform and connect it with their Metamask wallet. The account will be identified with the wallet. Once connected, the player will have access to the Dashboard displaying his account information and providing access to the following sections:

  • Bank: to exchange USDT for Deep$
  • Challenges: to access the rooms and play against other players
  • Others: statistics, ranking, profile, settings, help…

In the Bank screen, players will have the option to purchase Deep$ to access the different challenges using their Metamask wallet. The exchange rate will be 1:1, and the player will only bear the fee required by the BSC.

How challenge other players:

To challenge others, a player must have sufficient Deep$ balance to access the chosen room. The system will alert if there are any remaining strategy points to allocate. Matchmaking will be based on the player’s ranking.

How to withdraw player’s profit:

To withdraw the Deep$ balance, players must go to the bank screen and exchange the desired amount of Deep$ for USDT. The exchange rate is 1:1, and the USDT will be transferred to the player’s Metamask wallet. Players will only have to bear the transaction fee required by the BSC.


The initial roadmap presented on the website and in the WP has suffered a slight delay due to the summer. Hard time to contact companies and coordinate with the team. In addition, the market situation in those months did not help much either. We need to replace the roadmap with a more accurate one with the current situation. We will make the necessary modifications when we are sure if it is possible to finance the project with a launchpad platform and having a specific date. We want to be sure that the final information on the roadmap is real and will not be delayed again.

Q4 2023

  • Finalize agreements with launchpads to finance the project.

Q1 2024

  • Start the platform development by MIT Software and Golden Haven.
  • TGE of the DNC token.

Q2 2024

  • Open beta to players.
  • First profits share to investors.

Q3 2024

  • Gold version game.

Once the first phase is completed, with the basic game running, we will announce another roadmap with the new milestones to be achieved: Actions for attracting new players, expansion of the basic game mechanics (new spells, new challenge rooms, etc.), tournaments, and even new games within the same platform.



Token DNC:

In the DEEP NATION project, we make a clear differentiation between players and investors. We want to protect the interests of both parts equally. All player transactions will be done using the stablecoin USDT, to avoid the market fluctuation exposition.

To fund the DEEP NATION project, a token will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to raise funds:

Name: Deep Nation Capital

Symbol: $ DNC

Total Supply: 10.000.000 Token

DNC tokens are finite with a limited number of units. Its unique purpose is determining who becomes an investor in the project and, consequently, who will receive a share of the game’s profits proportionally. ALL profits are distributed among the token holders and ONLY among them. For investors, we have developed a DNC token, which not only has market value but also distributes profits generated by the activity on the platform among the token holders. The team will make DNC token available for purchasing through an Initial Game Offering (IGO) via Launchpads, allowing investors to get it.

Starting from the final game’s launch, a monthly snapshot of the BSC will be taken to identify token holders. The whole month net profit will be divided among the total supply of tokens, distributed proportionally to holders based on the number of tokens possessed at the snapshot.

Internal Coin Deep$:

Deep$ is the in-game currency. It is not a token and does not have market value. It can only be used internally for game mechanics. This currency can be exchanged for USDT at 1:1 ratio on DEEP NATION platform without any fees charged by the game.

At DEEP NATION, we aim to protect the interests of players too. So, we want their profits to be based just on their in-game activity. No losses due to potential token devaluation. By this way, players don’t have to fear market fluctuations. Their capital is safe from this.


Seed Sale

Fundraised: 10.000 USD

Price: 0,01 USD

Lock-up: 40% TGE, 3-month monthly linear vesting

Public Sale

Fundraised: 125,000 USD

Price: 0,025 USD

Lock-up: 40% TGE, 3-month monthly linear vesting


Game Development

Smart Contracts & Blockchain

Server Set up

Audits (Certik)


Liquidity (PancakeSwap)




After completing the fundraising round and our partners begin the development, we will publicly launch the token on PancakeSwap. It will be 30 days after the end of the launchpad campaign, as well as the TGE to investors.

During that month, MIT Software will have time enough to develop the smart contract and be properly audited by Certik. We want to launch it publicly with full security guarantees. In the TGE, 40% of the 6M tokens sold will be distributed. And the remaining tokens will be distributed linearly over the next 3 months. The reserved tokens and the founding team tokens will be locked for 12 and 18 months, respectively.



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