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  • Category: Environmental data, Community, AI, Web3, SocialFi, Cross-sharing data
  • Ticker: $PINK
  • Blockchain Network: Solana
  • Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Project Valuation: (Initial Fully Diluted): 50,000,000 USD
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 198,333,333 $PINK
  • Initial Market Cap: $991,667 USD



Pink Elements is an AI-driven, decentralized platform for environmental information. Monetize data with Pink Tokens and build a community for eco-conscious individuals.

Pink Elements is giving open access to environmental information, Pink Elements AI is interpreting the data normal people like you and me — problem solving is transparency for environmental information


Marketing Plan: Pink Elements

Defined Target Audience:

Identify and define the specific demographics, interests, and behaviors of the ideal users for Pink Elements. This could include investors, developers, and individuals interested in the project’s unique features — B to C, B to B and C to C.

Craft Engaging Content:

Utilize blog posts, social media updates, infographics, and videos to effectively communicate Pink Elements’ value proposition, features, and benefits.

Leverage Social Media Platforms:

We Utilize popular social media platforms frequented by the target audience. Engage in discussions, share updates, and run targeted ads to increase visibility and awareness.

Influencer Collaborations/Marketing:

Partner with influencers and thought leaders in the blockchain and crypto space. Their endorsement can enhance credibility and reach a wider audience.

Community Engagement:

Foster an active and engaged community through forums, social media groups, and dedicated channels. Regularly update users on project milestones, developments, and encourage discussions.

Strategic Partnerships:

Form strategic partnerships with laboratories, environmental industry and other projects, exchanges, or platforms in the blockchain space. This can open up new avenues for exposure and collaboration.

Email Marketing Campaigns:

Implement targeted email campaigns to keep potential users informed about Pink Elements’ updates, events, and opportunities.

Token Launch

3–4 Launchpads, 1 CEX, 1 DEX

Coordinated marketing campaign with launch pads, AMAs, PR articles, community contests, YouTube videos

Token Giveaways and Airdrop:

Conduct token giveaways and token airdrop to incentivize community participation and attract new users. This creates a buzz and increases awareness.



The Pink Elements — Business Case is unique

  • Environmental information is a growing megatrend
  • Crypto project for none crypto masses — everyone is a potential user
  • Broad engagement concept with reward and referral system

Basically, Pink Elements is not one of thousands of meme/payment/layer-x projects, but a real world use case that will appeal to millions of people outside the crypto space.

Besides, the application boasts several key features:
a) Secure, invitation-only login.
b) Interactive map for data discovery.
c) Color-coded water drop icons for data categorization.
d) Advanced search functionality.
e) Wallet management for token transactions.
f) Easy access to detailed data analysis.

g) User data upload and verification process.
h) Integration with a community forum.
i) User profile management and preferences.
j) Webviews for terms and conditions, about, and contact.
k) Transparent transfer of documents among users.


The Pink Elements app is built upon a modern, modular architecture (SOA) that prioritizes decoupling and reusability. This approach offers several key benefits:

+ Faster Development and Maintenance: Independent components allow for parallel development and easier upgrades, ensuring efficient updates and new features.

+ Scalability for Millions of Users: The modular design readily adapts to accommodate growing user demands and data volumes, guaranteeing a seamless experience for everyone.

+ Enhanced Flexibility and Resilience: Independent components minimize interdependencies, making the app more adaptable to future changes and resilient to potential errors.

This modular architecture empowers Pink Elements to:

- Respond quickly to user needs: New features and updates can be rolled out swiftly, keeping the app at the forefront of water quality data management.

- Integrate seamlessly with new technologies: Decoupled components facilitate integrations with future innovations, ensuring adaptability and long-term relevance.

- Minimize downtime and errors: Independent modules limit the impact of potential issues, ensuring platform reliability and uptime.

By prioritizing decoupling and reusability, Pink Elements establishes a solid foundation for sustainable growth and continuous improvement. This future-proof design ensures the app remains a valuable resource for users and the water quality community for years to come.


Users receive a free download of the Pink Elements app and thereby access to the Pink Elements platform (the Pink Token must be purchased for longer-term use). On the app, users have access to various environmental maps (drinking water, surface water, air, noise, soil). Similar to Google Maps, users can freely select a location and then search for the desired information. The Pink Elements AI explains the relevant environmental data and provides recommendations for action. With access to a data point, a communication channel is created and, similar to a forum, you can exchange information with other users about the specific environmental information, ask questions, learn or organize yourself to improve the situation. Each user can also share and monetize their own environmental data on the platform. A referral program is used to motivate users who recruit other users or ensure high traffic.

Further Information of Pink Elements Product Dive: (Slide 19 to Slide 23)


We finalized our MVP (mobile app) incl. AI support for interpreting environmental data in Nov 2023. We established a fully regulated business foundation in Liechtenstein Europe according to MiCa in July 2022.

Upcoming milestones are PinkToken launch in April 2024 and finalizing platform development (Backend switch from Stellar to Solana, Frontend different data maps and optimized Pink Elements AI)

Going live with the Pink Elements App in Q3 24


Transaction fee for exchange of data, rewards for watching adds, crowdfunding mechanism for measurements or support/donation for environmental disasters



The Pink Token differs from traditional cryptocurrencies by dedicating its utility to environmental protection. It serves as a versatile digital asset that:

1. enables micro-transactions,
2. facilitates OEM advertising,
3. fosters community loyalty,
4. supports crowdfunding for vital water quality measurements,
5. acts as a donation tool for environmental initiatives,
6. serves as a reward system for active platform users,
7. acts as a community valuation currency,
8. introduces environmental NFT series,
9. handles IoT data uploads,
10. and develops financial NFTs based on environmental data.

The Pink Token’s unique focus on environmentally conscious use cases demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable future. Many use cases for the Pink Token can be envisioned inside the Pink Elements Platform, of which two major ones are described in more detail below.


- Finalizing platform development (Backend switch from Stellar to Solana, Frontend different data maps and optimized Pink Elements AI)

- Going live with the Pink Elements App in Q3 24

  • Rollout Pink Elements community3



General Information

Detail Information

  • Linkedin accounts:

Alexander Pulkert, CEO

Siegfried Pleiner, CFO —

Pavlo Fomenko, CTO —

Kevin Brunkhors,t Marketing —

Jude Anumudu, Community Lead —


Project Partners


  • Analytik Institut Rietzler GmbH (signed)
  • Agrolab (planned after App launch)
  • Ivario (planned after App launch)
  • Muva (planned after App launch)

Sustainable Industrie:

  • Vision Aqua (strategic Investor after App launch)
  • Sanuslife (strategic Investor after App launch)
  • -> this company VWMS GmbH has developed an essentially new analysis technology for the identification of bacteria in water. Pink elements is the partner of choice here for publishing analysis data on the Pink Elements data platform, e.g. for major international events such as the Olympic Games in France (triathlon swimming competitions in the river Seine in Paris)

Strategic industry partnerships are no problem as soon as the data platform and mobile app are live.



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