BSClaunch successfully closed $800K Strategic fundraising round

The early-stage innovative investment platform on the Binance Smart Chain, BSClaunch is super excited to announce the successful closure of $BSL strategic funding round with a total of 800,000 USD, almost 10x oversubscribed!

While thousands of projects are on the quest to drive mass DeFi adoption, launchpads have made a revolutionary impact contributing to the success of them. A number of projects are launching on the BSC due to smart attributes such as high throughput, lack of latency issues and low transaction costs.

BSClaunch was envisioned by carefully analyzing the market and addressing the issues of the community, related to participation in token launches. Its intuitive platform adopts an easy approach to drive cross-chain interoperability, minimizing risk aspects and building investor trust during the project launch journey.

As we focus on the further development of our platform and potential collaborations, we are really grateful to our great backers for the trust they put in us, which will enable us to employ innovative solutions to develop the fuel DeFi adoption in the BSC ecosystem.

The BSClaunch team is committed solving many core problems facing the market community to create close relationships between investors and developers. Both the fund raised and the early support from these above partners help create a strong global force, adding impetus for the exposure of the project and smoothing out our future roadmap.

About BSClaunch

BSCLaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized environment, and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity.

Here are some use cases that BSCLaunch offers users, developers, investors:

B — Launch — A launchpad for top-tier projects helps bring the highest quality, the safest, the most transparent and the highest potential projects to the broader community.

B — Insure — Locking in part of the capital raised by projects in the liquidity pool to increase the liquidity while protecting the investors.

B — Swap — An automatic market-making decentralized exchange that a marketplace based on the pooling concept.

B — Tool — An advanced AI system focusing on tracking addresses’ activities and predicting the behaviors of groups of investors.

B — Farm — A profit optimization tool that allows profit aggregation for token holders and users.

B — NFT — Offering solutions to create NFT to stimulate demand and meet this need.

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