Bull Perks IDO guideline

Dear BSClauncers,

Bull Perks’ IDO event is nearly open, and we’re thrilled about it. A limited supply of 1.500.000 tokens will be available for buy on BSClaunch at a fixed price of $0.05 per token to confirmed whitelist participants on a first-come, first-served basis. We have prepared four pools for four tiers based on the tiers that have been snapshotted. Members will be able to purchase the allocated amount of tokens corresponding to the tiers.

📌Bull Perks IDO details

  • Token type: BEP20
  • Accepted currency: BNB
  • Public Sale Price: 1 $BLP = $0.05
  • Individual minimum = $100 | Individual maximum = $400.
  • Total raise in Public Sale: $75,000
  • Public Sale Release Schedule: 50% at TGE, 25% for the second month and the next 25% for the third month.
  • Sale Type: FCFS — First come first serve. until $75,000 is sold out.

⏰Bull Perks IDO Timeline

  • IDO time: 2:00 PM — 3:30 PM UTC, June 16, 2021
  • Start buying time: 2:00 PM UTC, June 16, 2021
  • End buying time: 3:30 PM UTC, June 16, 2021
  • Claiming time: 3:30 PM UTC, June 16, 2021
  • $BLP listing on Pancakeswap: 4:00 PM UTC, Wednesday, June 16, 2021

See details about Tokenomics — BullPerks

🎁IDO mechanism & Tiers

Members must maintain $BSL tokens in the registered wallet address for the entire time to participate in Bull Perks’s IDO event. We will perform checks at any time since the official release of the snapshot during this period. If you do not have enough $BSL tokens in your wallet for the duration of the event, you will not be able to participate in the public sale.

🥉Bronze | 500+ BSL holders
Maximum allocation: $100 = 0.277 BNB
Allocation for Bronze pool: $15,000
Total reservation: 150-slot

🥈Silver| 1000+ BSL holders
Maximum allocation: $200 = 0.553 BNB
Allocation for Silver pool: $17,250
Total reservation: 86-slot

🥇Golden | 2500+ BSL holders
Maximum allocation: $300 = 0.829 BNB
Allocation for Golden pool: $20,250
Total reservation: 67-slot

🏆 Platinum | 5000+ BSL holders
Maximum allocation: $400 = 1.105 BNB
Allocation for Platinum pool: $22,500
Total reservation: 56-slots

Bull Perks IDO Whitelisted Members: Click here!

📖 How to join Bull Perks IDO on BSClaunch

  1. Before the IDO begins, click the “Go to App” button on BSClaunch website www.bsclaunch.org

2. Click “B-Launch” on the taskbar

3. Click “Connect Wallet” & Connect your Metamask Wallet (BEP20)

4. Select your pool & be ready. Make sure you join the correct pool. There will be four pools corresponding to four ranks. Once the IDO starts, click the “Join Pool” button.

5. Input how much BNB you want to spend to buy the token (Metamask wallet required)

6. On the pop-up, click “Confirm” to confirm the gas fee on your wallet

7. Transaction is successful

8. Click “Claim Tokens”

9. Once confirmed, you just have to wait for the pool time to finish before claiming your token.

*Please note:

1️⃣ The contract address will be announced by the team through our official Telegram & Twitter channel only. Please beware of the fake contract address.

2️⃣ Make sure you join the correct pool, each rank will have its own pool to join.

3️⃣ Make sure you are whitelisted.

4️⃣ Always check the URL you’re visiting: BSClaunch.org

5️⃣ Please make sure you are using Metamask wallet to connect to our B-Launch platform and use BNB over BEP20 (BSC) network to buy $BLP

Last but not least, BSClaunch wishes to thank our community for its support, without which this event would not have been possible.

Bull Perks is a multi-chain integrated launch platform that includes Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tezos, Solana, Polychain, Cardano and will expand the network to other platforms in the future. Bull Perks members are a community of like-minded individuals who want to leverage their strengths to invest in the best projects and offer the community amazing deals and top-quality regardless of chain and help projects across different chains with fundraising.

Need more information about Bull Perks? What you are looking for is right here: Bull Perks — Cause being a Crypto Bull comes with big perks!

BSClaunch is a new and promising Binance Smart Chain-based investment platform, which will enable the most innovative projects to raise start-up capital. The platform will give projects a strong foundation to develop and prosper in a decentralized environment, while also giving investors access to exclusive early-stage projects. We empower our community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity. To learn more about BSClaunch, refer to our documentation portal.

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