Legend of Galaxy whitelist is now open 🔥

The whitelisting registrations to join Legend of Galaxy IDO is now open! Do you need a step-by-step guidance on how to take the advantage of our deal? Check out the full thread here 👇

🟡 Getting Whitelisted

  1. Follow @Legend_LFW & @BSClaunchorg on Twitter, and join our Telegram community and Telegram Channel
  2. Retweet this tweet on twitter with these hashtags: #BSClaunch #LegendofGalaxy #LFW #Launchpad $BSL $GAE and tag 3 friends on our post
  3. Leave a comment on our group chat and react an Emoji on the event post

Whitelist opening: April 18th
Whitelist result: April 21th | 10:00 UTC
Sale date: April 22th | 12:00 UTC
Whitelist registrations: 🌕 Form |🌓 Retweet

Whitelist opening: April 18th
Whitelist result: April 21th | 10:00 UTC
Sale date: April 22th | 13:30 UTC
Whitelist registrations: 🌕 Form |🌓 Retweet

🟡 Deal information

Category: GameFi, Metaverse, Play-to-earn, NFTs, Web3
Ticker: $GAE
Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain
Token Supply: 500,000,000 Tokens
Project Valuation: 10,000,000 USD
Initial Token Circulation: 56,250,000 Tokens
Initial Market Cap: 1,125,000 USD
Total Raise: 600,000 USD
Platform Raise: 50,000 USD Public Sale Round on BSClaunch platform

Deal Price: 0.02 USD
Total raise in Ranked round: $50,000
Total raise in Community round: $20,000
Participants: Ranked members & Community
Contribution currency: BUSD
Vesting schedule: Release 100% at TGE

🟡 Fundraising rounds

Contribute rate = Base Allocation X your current Multiplier

Guaranteed Round
The fundraising duration will takes place within the first 30 minutes and only Gold members and above can participate; Investors participate in this round can contribute max 20% of their allocation.

⏱ Round duration: 12:00 ➡️ 12:30 UTC

FCFS Round
This round will take place right after the guaranteed round ends, and lasts 10 minutes; Whitelisted members can participate in this round.

For members who have contributed 20% of their total allocation in the Guaranteed round, they will be able to contribute the remaining 80% of their total allocation as FCFS in this round.

⏱ Round duration: 12:30 ➡️ 12:40 UTC

Extra Round
In case the pool are not filled after the first 2 pools, the Extra pool will be opened within 15 minutes so that the whitelisted members can re-contribute 100% of their allocation.

⏱ Round duration: 12:40 ➡️ 12:55 UTC

Contribute rate = Base Allocation X your current Multiplier

Investors that were whitelisted in the community round will be able to purchase up to 50 USD worth of tokens via the FCFS method in this round.

👉 If after 14:30 the pool is still not filled, we will open the pool so all BSClaunch members can contribute.

⏱ Round duration: 13:30 ➡️ 14:30 UTC

About Cens World

Legend Of Galaxy is a crossroad game combined with general card role-playing; players will have the opportunity to recruit more than 100 characters and build the most powerful squad to participate in campaigns to conquer new territories in the galaxy.

📑 Legend of Galaxy whitepaper: Click here

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About BSClaunch

BSClaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment, and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity. BSClaunch isn’t just another launchpad, we are an ecosystem launcher that provides a full suite of DeFi solutions.

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