BSCLaunch x Blocksync — The vanguard of decentralized innovation

Partnership Announcement: BSCLaunch x Blocksync Ventures

BSCLaunch is proud to announce that Blocksync Ventures has officially become a strategic partner. Blocksync Ventures will be an essential key to conquering the great goals that BSCLaunch has prepared the most carefully. We will give the market and developers, investors a new vision, a new way to start innovating the decentralized revolution, a first comprehensive right-set solution for investing.


BSCLaunch is a top tier launchpad that provides compre-hensive solutions to incubate the future unicorns of the DeFi landscape. It is a one-stop investment launchpad allowing community members to par-ticipate in a fair and equal manner.


Blocksync Ventures is a venture capital firm focusing exclusively on decentralized ledger technology. They are striving to be the catalyst for the widespread adoption of disruptive innovation.

Blocksync’s core mission is to accelerate the development of decentralized computing and Web3 networks. Therefore, we empower pioneers to create projects that are at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Blocksync’s philosophy is successful because we invest in relationships, not deals. Deals are simply transactions. We build exceptional relationships with companies that last, collaborating on projects with conviction.

The Blocksync Ventures team

The Blocksync Ventures team are experienced in both traditional finance and emergent blockchain technology. They have cultivated strong relationships with some of the most promising entrepreneurs and pioneers in the space.

  • Jasper Byun — Founder of Blocksync Ventures

Jasper is the founder of Blocksync Ventures with extensive experience working with start-ups for over 5 years. He has coordinated investments exceeding $50M into world-class distributed technology projects.

He also serves as the Head of FinTech at Brilliance Ventures, an Israeli-based venture capital with $200M AUM, and as a Limited Partner at Cluster Capital.

  • Shai Mohaban — Head of research

Shai is a serial entrepreneur who has founded a number of start-ups acquired by multi-billion dollar corporations including Cisco, Juniper and ServiceNow.

He was an early developer of QoS systems in Cisco and later the chief architect of VoIP in Juniper. With over 20 patents related to his work, his expertise is in cloud computing, networking and decentralized systems.

  • Jay Lee — Head of Strategy

Jay is a seasoned professional and a problem solver in consulting emerging tech startups.

He is currently also a venture partner at Woodstock Fund, focusing in establishing key strategic partnerships and sourcing projects for internal due diligence. His previous works include Bitstein and Deloitte Korea.

  • Sharman Lee — Senior Advisor

Sherman is the co-founder of Raven Protocol, a decentralized and distributed AI/ML training platform that pioneered the first ever IDO through Binance DEX.

He was previously a partner at Zeroth, an early-stage accelerator focusing on AI/ML, robotics and blockchain with more than 60 companies incubated. Zeroth has been acquired and is partnered under the Softbank Group, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that is the largest shareholder of Alibaba Group.

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Incubation accelerator for entrepreneurs to create moonshot projects. #IDO #IGO Launchpad, Yield Farming. Top connections in crypto spaces — $BSL #Crosschain

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BSClaunch Official

BSClaunch Official

Incubation accelerator for entrepreneurs to create moonshot projects. #IDO #IGO Launchpad, Yield Farming. Top connections in crypto spaces — $BSL #Crosschain

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