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Partnership Announcement: BSCLaunch x BSC News

BSCLaunch is excited to announce that BSC News has joined the group of strategic partners of BSCLaunch as a media provider providing all the most practical, valuable, fastest information about BSCLaunch and the crypto market.

BSCLaunch and BSC News will work together to provide the community with the most practical solutions to solve the existing pain in the DeFi sector in the cryptocurrency market. We want everyone who has been participating in our community to have the most helpful information to enter the market with confidence. In the end, knowledge is always the best key.



Notably, BSC News is the first dedicated media outlet to the BSC. BSC News team strives to provide in-depth analysis, comprehensive data analysis, insightful opinion pieces, and constant reporting on the DeFi ecosystem through all avenues of media. BSC News have secured a portion of the Binance Accelerator Fund through continuous development and media coverage. This is merely a grant allowing us to further our media coverage and content creation.

BSC News believe that the DeFi sector is just beginning to display its strengths. As the crypto markets continue to innovate, we believe DeFi will become a daily aspect of our financial world. BSC News strive to offer multiple content streams, providing users with educational, informational, and cautionary pieces..

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