Now you can stake BSL & BNB for BSL

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3 min readAug 1, 2021

B-Farm is now live! Users will able to farm LP Tokens by staking BSL & BNB pair. This is the first BNB pair on B-Farm at the moment, and we will bring you more farm tanks in the near future. Read our full details and following simple steps below to start farming now

BSL-BNB Farm pool details

  • Staked Pair: BSL-BNB and receive LP Tokens
  • Reward: BSL
  • APR: You can always check the current APR by clicking the section below. APR are calculated based on current rates. Compounding 1x daily. Rates are estimates provided for your convenience only, and by no means represent guaranteed returns.

STEP 1: Add Liquidity Pool for BSL-BNB pair

  • Enter the amount of BSL you want to add to LP, the amount of BNB will be automatically calculated. Confirm your transaction then you will recive your BSL-BNB LP Tokens. You will use this LP Tokens, based on the amount of BSL and BNB you have staked in this pool, you will receive a corresponding amount of LP Tokens

STEP 2: Join the BSL-BNB pool on B-Farm

  • At this screen, press the Stake LP button, select the amount of LP tokens you want to stake and confirm your transaction

When it’s time to harvest, you just need to click on Harvest to receive your rewards!

✅ $BSL official contract address: 0xB60501346240FCdE1615de56eA9FFf1AC1da5673

✅ See Pair Info: PancakeSwap Info & Analytics

✅ Get BSL-BNB LP: Pancake Swap

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