AMA Recap: Cheesus Defi x BSClaunch

On Friday, December 17th, Chloe — BSClaunch’s Head of Marketing, hosted a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on BSClaunch Community with Natalia Ave — Project Manager of Cheesus Defi. He answered the questions on the Cheesus Defi project, upcoming plans, partnerships, and much more.

This blog post includes a recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members, list of winners, along with the Q&A segment with Project Manager of Cheesus Defi.


SEGMENT #1 | Guest and project introduction

Questions 1:

Your role and day to day work experience in project

Natalia Ave’s answer:

I am project manager of Cheesus. My work consists of business development and leading project direction

Questions 2:

Can you tell us all more about the project, the idea, how it started? and especially why it’s needed?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

Cheesus is multichain analytical tool that is focused on giving onchain truth to all users about DeFi field.

Firstly, we started Cheesus for us as internal project to track our investments and calculate profit and then decided to open it for all users and build community

Questions 3:

We can break to following the problem you are trying to solve. Why you think that’s the problem and What’s the solution you are proposing how you solve it?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

The problem we solve is to give onchain truth to all users with data reports that include:

NFT Metaverses tracker

Flippers and Diamond hands report

Token tracker

Portfolio management

with help of these reports you can track the most profitable wallets, the best projects and fake, insiders addresses

Questions 4:

Can you tell community about tokenomics, tokenutility and TGE?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

Paying for API access — our API is open and you can create your own applications and tools using our data and pay for it with the CHEESUS token.

Paying for the PRO version and eliminating distracting ads — you can purchase a subscription using the CHEESUS token.

Paying for marketing on our platform — advertise your DeFi platform the way you like and pay with CHEESUS.

and TGE is estimated 17–20 January

Questions 5:

Why would you want IDO on BSClaunch?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

BSC launch has good reputation and strong community! We appreciate opportunity to spread awareness of Cheesus in BSC launch community!

SEGMENT #2 | Twitter Questions

Questions 1:

Cheesus is a multichain analytical platform with main directions: tracking DeFi + NFT projects, following the most profitable wallets and discovering projects with live community. Can you explain more about this? How does it work?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

NFT — part is about analyzing NFT holders of particular projects. Here we can see common info like total tx, how much ETH spent on gas, total ETH spent and earned.

Also, there is deep analytical info about each and every NFT holder. This helps us to understand how profitable the project has been for each trader in the context of all the NFT activity.

NFT Market — an insiders page showing Suspected Wallets in the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

NFT market shows data about a project and the users participating with it:

If the analyzed project takes up more than 70% of all a user’s NFT activity — the wallet goes into the Suspected category because it might belong to an insider, be connected with the project’s founders or used by someone who frequently buys and sells NFTs to enlarge the trading volume and price.

Flippers — working on both ETH and BSC, this page should be interesting for both sides: projects and users. Choose a project and check how long users held onto its tokens after the first distribution to the first investors — 7 days, 30 days, 180 days and check the current balance of every user. Thus, you can see how many of them are in it just to earn and leave (selling as fast as they can) and also find the diamond hands — users who not only expect XXX but want the project’s development as well!

Questions 2:

What are your key features that set you apart from other projects and what competitive advantage do you have?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

Our key features are

- NFT Portfolio Tracker — browse through NFT holders and find the most profitable projects

- Decentralized Copy Trading — no KYC, no AML and full anonymity

- Discovery of Front-running Traders — those that sell early

- On-chain Aggregated Data — analytical information on DeFi projects from top blockchains and activity of traders

- Best DEX Trader Ratings — we pick out the best DEX traders by measuring their profits, losses and gas spent

- Tax Calculation feature

Questions 3:

Can you tell me good reasons that your project is here for the long run and have a real utility that will increase the demand for the token in the future? Your plans for the long term? what you are currently working on? and what strategy will be used to expand globally?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

Currently we are working on updating Flippers and Diamond hands report and adding up customized data sets

Long term plans are quite simple:

1. Expanding on other blockchains, they are Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot

2. Implementing new features: NFT Metaverses analyzing, Tax calculation, Bridge analytics, more projects and data to review and launching trading bot

3. Also off course building strong community whose idea on development will be always welcome!

Questions 4:

What are the major milestones Cheesus Defi achieved so far and what are the plans for the next 100 days?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

Main things we’ve done already:

- Beta tools launch

- Analyzed Uniswap Trading activity

- list of the most profitable wallets trading on Uniswap

- list of the most tradable tokens on Uniswap

- DeFi & NFT projects report

- NFT Holders report

- Token — ERC20 and BEP20 token holders report

- Profit — tracking all trading history on ETH and BSC networks

- NFT market data for all NFT projects on Opensea with inside information

- Flippers — report of Flippers and Diamond Hands (real holders) for ERC20 and BSC20 tokens

- expansion to Avalanche and Polygon already!

Questions 5:

Who are your partners on-board? Partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help project to move forward

Natalia Ave’s answer:

Our investors and partners are


Kyros Ventures




BSC Station

Lupa X



Sea MM Crypto



R8 Capital

DIB Capital

BMW Capital

Brilliance Ventures

Blockchain Alliance

SEGMENT 3 | Free-asking from the community

Question 1:

Could you tell us which userbase is main target? Do you focus only on big Investors or small retail Investors also can be a big role in your project?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

Our target audience is divided into:

Users, who want to analyze his wallet, find gem projects, tokens, NFT metaverses,

Launchpads and project owners who want to track and analyze community and token movements.

Question 2:

Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Natalia Ave’s answer:

Sure, we are going to implement DAO voting for token holders.

And users will take part in project development and even rewards each other for useful activity, for example, you’ve made a great research on DeFi project, shared with us and other DAO participants can reward you for making good job!

Segment 4: Quiz

1. What blockchain is Cheesus supporting now?

A. ETH,BSC, Polygon

B. ETH, Avalanche, Polygon

C. ETH, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon

D. BSC, Polygon, Solana

Answer: C

2. What does the name ‘Cheesus’ mean?

A. analogy with mice looking for cheese

B. comparison with mouse playing chess

C. analogy that mouse is a gem

D. analogy with cheers!

Answer: A

3. What is included in Cheesus’ use cases?

A. Track your assets on Avalanche

B.Check your own assets on Solana

C. Check trading history with personal data

D. Track bridge analytics

Answer: A


Thank you to all of our beloved members who attended the AMA today. Congratulations to the members named below for their special interest in BSClaunch and Cheesus Defi. You are the lucky ones to share our 400 BUSD prize pool, for those who have won, please send a private message to @Chloe_BSClaunch (Telegram username) on telegram to claim your prize.

  • Please note:
    - To avoid the use of fake nicks, the winning members are requested to contact us within 24 hours to receive their rewards.
    - 10 winners will share a pool of 4
    00 BUSD

Free-asking round







Twitter Questions round






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