AMA Recap: Pet TapMe x BSClaunch

On Monday, October 11th, Chloe, BSClaunch’s Head of Marketing, hosted a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on BSClaunch Community with Mr. David Dang, CEO, and Co-Founder of Pet TapMe. He answered questions on the Pet TapMe project, Pet TapMe’s upcoming plans, partnerships, and more.

This blog post includes a recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members, list of winners, along with the Q&A segment with the CEO of Pet TapMe


SEGMENT #1 | Guest and project introduction

Questions 1:

We will love to know about your role and day to day work experience in project

Mr. David’s answer:

Currently I’m Co-founder and CEO of Tapme. I’m in charge of oversighting all operations of Tapme project.

Questions 2:

Can you tell us all more about the project, the idea, how it started? and especially why it’s needed?

Mr. David’s answer:

Inspired by the legendary pixelated pieces of Flappy Bird and Crypto Punks, Tapme is not only just an addictive easy-to-play-to-earn game, but it also possesses others unique features that players cannot find in any other blockchain-related games: NFTs Staking and multi-NFTs intergration.

Questions 3:

We can break to following the problem you are trying to solve. Why you think that’s the problem and What’s the solution you are proposing how you solve it?

Mr. David’s answer:

Some of the problems with NFTs Gaming now are: too expensive to join, not suitable for everyone, have to play on PC/laptop and fragmented industry.

TAPME unique features that solve many of current NFT Games’ problems:
- Low entry barrier — People can pay relatively low amount to start the game.
- Easy-Play to earn — As other casual games, TAPME is user-friendly and suitable for all ages. People can directly convert the points into tokens.
- NFTs Staking profit sharing — Leveling up your NFTs and stake them for the passive incomes
- Cross-NFTs and be unique! — Players can use NFTs from other games, even design their own NFTs to join the game.

Questions 4:

Can you tell community about tokenomics, tokenutility and TGE?

Mr. David’s answer:

  • TAP can be used for liquidity mining for fee on decentralized exchanges.
    - TAP LP can be staked for more TAP (For a fix amount of time).
    - TAP can be staked for Revenue Share from the game.
    - TAP can be used to buy Animals on Marketplace.

Questions 5:

Why would you want IDO on BSClaunch?

Mr. David’s answer:

Only after a very short period of working together, BSCLaunch Team always show very professional working attitude and are supportive to our team in every aspects of the IDO. We really hope that we could have a long standing collaboration.

SEGMENT #2 | Twitter Questions

Question from @mirsiyanova:

Will the NFT that we buy at Pet TapMe later can be sold on the ETH network marketplace like Opensea?

Mr. David’s answer:

We will launch on Binance Smart Chain network, so the NFTs could be sold on our native marketplace or on any BSC NFT Marketplace.

Question from @Phng24690067:

This game has nothing more special than the flappy bird game. Play out of feature to Earn Money. And what strategy do you have to entice users?

Mr. David’s answer:

Play to earn is already a very attractive feature of the game that could attract alot of users/players. Furthermore, the individualization of the game through NFTs and the socialization of our community are also the great and unique characteristics that will drive more players to our game.

Question from @tranhoa92606275:

How do I refer my friends and family to use Pet TapMe ? Do I need to pay anything when using Pet TapMe ?

Mr. David’s answer:

There will be a referral code for you to invite your family and friends to pkay the game. There will also be 2 options to play the game:

  • Free to play: available for every player who has an Tapme accounts. The points will not be counted to exchange for token
  • Play to earn: Players have to obtain NFT through Marketplace/Lootbox to play the game. The points will be counted to exchange for token

Question from @huyenthuvu7549:

The liquidity of a project is what investors are interested in. How will you solve the liquidity problem? Do you have plans to list on major exchanges like Binance or Houbi?

Mr. David’s answer:

We commit to use half of the total fund raised to add liquidity to Pancakeswap. We have not yet had plan for major exchanges like Binance or Houbi.

Question from @OUNTO11:

Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack SYSTEMS or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Mr. David’s answer:

There will be a burning mechanism for the play to earn token to decrease the rate of inflation

SEGMENT 3 | Free-asking from the community

Question from @bob20163:

Currently from where i can buy ? Is it possible that I can get only by holding it?

Mr. David’s answer:

The IDO is due ton the 15 October. By holding TAP, you could benefit from the revenue shares of the project.

Question from @Jake121211:

How do you deal with the security threats of your project? DO you have any AUDIT in recent times for trust?

Mr. David’s answer:

We already completed the audit for the TAP smart contract. We will do more with any of our updates relating to blockchain

Question from @danfomo:

Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Mr. David’s answer:

All the information wil be updated on our website, twitter, discord and telegram channel

Question from @andoarriolla:

Which one of these aspects is important for you?
1-Increasing Token Price & Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

Mr. David’s answer:

2 1 3 4

Question from @ayrtonchin:

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in countries/regions where English is not spoken well like Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Iran, do you have local communities for them to make them better understand about your project?

Mr. David’s answer:

Our telegram groups have multiple languages. We have been contacted by many VCs and community from other countries such as China, Denmark, Netherlands, Ukraine…

                            AMA EVENT END


Thank you to all of our beloved members who attended the AMA today. Congratulations to the members named below for their special interest in BSClaunch and Pet TapMe. You are the lucky ones to share our 10,000 $TAP prize pool, for those who have won, please send a private message to @Chris_BSClaunch (Telegram username) on telegram to claim your prize.

  • Please note:
    - To avoid the use of fake nicks, the winning members are requested to contact us within 24 hours to receive their rewards.
    - 10 winners will share a pool of 10,000 $TAP, each will receive 1000 $TAP

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