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On Thursday, December 16th, Chloe — BSClaunch’s Head of Marketing, hosted a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on BSClaunch Community with James Trower — Brand Marketing Lead of Solchicks. He answered the questions on the Solchicks project, upcoming plans, partnerships, and much more.

This blog post includes a recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members, list of winners, along with the Q&A segment with Brand Marketing Lead of Solchicks.


SEGMENT #1 | Guest and project introduction

Questions 1:

Your role and day to day work experience in project

James Trower’s answer:

Hi everyone! Great to be sharing with you all this evening. My name is James and I am the Brand Marketing Lead over at SolChicks. My core focus is on engaging with KOL’s and influencers to promote SolChicks.

It’s an amazing project to work in. It is made up of over 100 people based all over the planet. They are very smart and really fun to work with. The company has a very positive work culture. Days are long and we often find ourselves doing 18+ hour days as there is so much to do, but the team spirit really makes a difference.

Questions 2:

Can you tell us all more about the project, the idea, how it started? and especially why it’s needed?

James Trower’s answer:

If you haven’t heard of SolChicks it is the fastest growing game on the Solana Blockchain. As a company we have literally been breaking records. SolChicks is a play-to-earn (P2E) MOBA style game, where players battle these cute SolChicks PVP, PVE and multiplayer. The game has a load of ways to earn and its an exciting new addition to the P2E space. Key opinion leaders have called SolChicks the catalyst that will see the traditional larger game studios looking towards P2E gaming.

The Co-Founders, William Wu and Lewis Grafton, saw that the P2E space was growing and those that could be first into it would be very successful. They felt that these battle style games have a longevity and “fun” factor that so many people love. The games are relatively simple to play and familiar to a lot of the gaming community. One of our goals at SolChicks is to transition and cross the line between traditional gaming and P2E gaming. SolChicks strategy is to revolutionize the space and attract many of these traditional gamers. The name SolChicks has been chosen because we are launching on the Solana Blockchain and because the game has been based around chicks. Chicks were chosen because they appeal cross culturally, they are cute but also fun to make into fierce warriors. There is an X-factor, brand wise, around Chicks that sets it apart.

Questions 3:

We can break to following the problem you are trying to solve. Why you think that’s the problem and What’s the solution you are proposing how you solve it?

James Trower’s answer:

Problem you are trying to solve?

We are breaking the P2E market problem of the games being a little slow and boring to play. This can be seen through few players playing them for entertainment value alone. A lot of the demographics of players of P2E games dont encompass all markets and tend to be centres around developing markets where P2E games can supplement or replace household income.

In a nut shell: We want to make a P2E game that is entertaining so more markets accept it, and yet nopt so in-depth it take 5 years+ to make.

Why you think that’s the problem?

I actually answered that a bit above. From a business sense its a problem because your potential user base is dramatically reduced if the games entertainment value doesn’t compete with the large games that are being released.

So our way of solving this and our solution is SolChicks.

1. Its very entertaining to play. You can play the demo through a button on our home page. So our expectation is to grow user bases in developing and developed markets.

2. It isn’t so complex to develop so our Alpha will be launched at the end of Q3

Questions 4:

Can you tell community about tokenomics, tokenutility and TGE?

James Trower’s answer:

The following graphic is a good explanation of our tokenomics etc.

You can see there are long cliffs and long vesting periods. This was an intentional strategy for long term investment and to prevent dumping.

The SolChicks token will be able to be used in the breeding of new Chick NFT’s. People will also earn $Chicks through various in game activities and trading. There is a whole bunch of ways that players will be able to earn in the game.

Questions 5:

Why would you want IDO on BSClaunch?

James Trower’s answer:

BSClaunch is a great community and has a lot of people engaged that are looking for quality investments.

SEGMENT #2 | Twitter Questions

Questions 1:

Could you explain how PvP and PvE mode work in Solchicks? How we can earn from @SolChicksNFT ?

James Trower’s answer:

Great Question. PvP is a straight up battle against another player. PvE will be against various bosses and in game challenges as opposed to another player.

SolChicks has a lots of various ways to earn. You can go on quests and win battles and as you win battles you’ll be rewarded and those rewards can then be traded and sold through the marketplace. You can farm to make food and excess food can be sold. You’ll be able to breed CHICKS and those can then be sold or reared, up-levelled and sold for more.

Questions 2:

Do you agree that collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Who are your current partners?

James Trower’s answer:

Yes partnership in the space is very important. Our rapid growth was certainly helped by having great partners. To see a comprehensive list of our partners see our website

Questions 3:

Can you update the roadmap information? I hope to receive more good news about SolChicksNFT in the near future

James Trower’s answer:

We have a very exciting programme. Coming into the new year we’ll be doing a new minting of Chicks NFTs. There will be loads more content shared about the game as we get closer and closer to the Alpha version launch at the end of Q1.

Questions 4:

What are its main characteristics that distinguish Solchicks from other projects and what competitive advantages does it have?

James Trower’s answer:

Great Question! Currently, the main competitors would be games like Axie Infinity, Aurory and Star Atlas. Aurory is on the Solana Blockchain too, but they don’t have the same speed that we have so we are getting to market faster, will get users faster and even our demo materials are more engaging to trial the game. Star Atlas is just a totally different style of game entirely, and it won’t be ready for another few years at least. Then lastly there is Axie Infinity which is probably the biggest P2E game and it’s out there will about 2 million users per day. Our biggest competitive advantage over Axie is that we believe SolChicks will have a great level of entertainment value because it is NOT a turn based game like Axie. The SolChicks game play is faster and more engaging, and similar to any kind of battle arena game you may be used to playing. A lot of Axie users are in countries such as Philippines and Vietnam and we wanted to create a game that is just more fun to play, but still allows that same earning capacity. Also, because of the entertainment value we’ll see people in markets such as Korea, Japan begin playing as its fun, but this will increase the earning potentials as there will be many more users. In comparison to Axie 2m users per day, League of Legends has approx 180m users per day, and we believe SolChicks has the entertainment level to draw more users to it.

Questions 5:

What are the benefits for long-term investors in your project? because most investors focus only on the short-term price of the token instead of the actual value of the project. Can you tell us about your plans for the long term?

James Trower’s answer:

Another great question. I think we need to look at P2E gaming projects through a totally different lens than a standard Altcoin. Firstly, we have structured the investments of our investors in a way that they are committed for 15 to 20+ months. So there is no short term investing for those that have put a significant amount in. They therefore want the project to do well and so we have a large number of partners supporting us in marketing and promoting the project which over time become a positive accumulator. Then we have the game itself. As the game is developed and released there is an active economy growing around the game and so the value increases as more people engage and buy. A great example is the Axie token which has gone from strength to strength since launch. Quality P2E game tokens are long term by nature as the game drives engagement.

SEGMENT 3 | Free-asking from the community

Questions 1:

Can you tell us about the unique thing the team is building with the Solchicks game? Will users have limited times with the game?

James Trower’s answer:

Hi Rizky, no there will be no limited times. Players will be able to play for as long as they want.

Questions 2:

I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?

James Trower’s answer:

It is already listed. We have initially listed on Raydium and MEXC. Further exchanges will be coming online. Follow our TG Announcements channel to keep up to date.

Questions 3:

How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

James Trower’s answer:

YES!! We have many ways that you can engage with SolChicks. I’ll list them out here. Please do go and follow all our channels and get involved in the SolChicks Family community.









Here is our announcements channel too

Segment 4: QUIZ

1. What Blockchain Network did SolChick “overload” at their launch?

A: Etherium

B: Solana

C: Bitcoin

D: Ripple

Answer: B

2. What is the SolChicks Coin called?





Answer: A

3. What is the big bad boss in the game demo called?

A: Sol Dog

B: Sol Rat

C: Sol Fox

D: Sol Bear

Answer: C


Thank you to all of our beloved members who attended the AMA today. Congratulations to the members named below for their special interest in BSClaunch and Solchicks. You are the lucky ones to share our 500 $CHICKS prize pool, for those who have won, please send a private message to @Chloe_BSClaunch (Telegram username) on telegram to claim your prize.

  • Please note:
    - To avoid the use of fake nicks, the winning members are requested to contact us within 24 hours to receive their rewards.
    - 11 winners will share a pool of
    500 $CHICKS

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Top 3 best questions on Free-asking round




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