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  • Category: NFT
  • Ticker: WEAR
  • Blockchain Network: BSC
  • Token Supply: 5,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Project Valuation: (Initial Fully Diluted): 25,000,000 USD
  • Initial Token Circulation: 31,000,000 Tokens
  • Initial Market Cap: 155,000 USD
  • Total Raise: 3,325,000 USD
  • Platform Raise: 50,000 USD of Private 2 and 150,000 USD of Public Sale on BSClaunch.



Metawear is not only a Digital Multi-Platform NFT 2.0 Clothes Manufacturer for the Metaverse, but also the founder and owner of a Cross Metaverse Platform Fashion Shopping Mall where clients and designers sell and demonstrate their NFT Fashion Items. Heart of the NFT 2.0 Wearables Trades and a Metaverse Real Estate Property to invest in: Buy, Rent, Operate or Convert to $WEAR anytime you want.

Metawear’s function in the Real World: As MetaWear, they implement unmatched new ideas and practices in the sector’s Strategic Purchasing, Design, Production Quality Control, Marketing and Sales branches by supporting cutting-edge digital technologies in one of the world’s largest industries. Metawear is taking the role of playmaker in transformation to Web 3.0 in the textile sector.

Metawear’s function in Metaverse: Metawear is providing the integration of the textile industry existing in the real world, Designers, Manufacturers, Well-Known Brands, Existing Designs, Advertising and Marketing Organizations, Fashion Shows, Fairs, Shopping Centers and Sales Points and Stores into the world of METAVERSE with all their players and elements, thanks to ultra-realistic virtualization technologies and digital design teams.


Metawear will use 5 launchpads with the strong community which they allocate 200–300K for their KOL’s from public sale and they give some bonuses but there will be no budget consumption to these parts of advertising.

They will have some small local airdrops for different regions (Japan UK Russia Turkey India )

They have very good Publications on reputable crypto news channels and portals but they will use these channels for more coverage

They have ADAM & EVE’s, the first meta-human fashion models. Metawear will make them famous (this is their business they have their own advertising agency and Metawear founder been the owner of the agency for 15 years)

They have 500.000 global fashion and all sector influencers will use them as fashion icons and reach global brands will make publicity with them and

They will make 10 big fashion runways digitally in-house and that will create huge attention takers with the sharing of these big brands’ own socials.

Metawear will spend only %10 percent of their total investment but since their own, the agency the cost will be much less and the effect of the services will be more

At the end of this year, they will have two fashion icons with 1 million followers ADAM & EVE will create their own advertising channels

Also their sister project (close one) Metafluence has new organizations Metahut and meta clans where global influencers have collaborations and they will clothe all their universe.

For example Rodrigo Diaz with 2 million Instagram followers, Mexican singer metawear will create a special digital collection and a private fashion show with the clothes he wore in this last concert for example they will have coverage globally.

Marketing is their main expertise so Metawear has all planned and ready for action.

Metawear project leader is a globally published author (Engineering of Sales) and has 25 years of experience as an agency owner.



NFT 2.0 (Huge Valuable and Different than any other project Wearable usable sellable investable changeable convertible items creation and trade)

Metawear not only has one project but also they are a creator ecosystem. They create their own, sell their own but also boring new investors, entrepreneurs and business people to metaverse their own transformation offices, own fashion stores in Metawear mall, operate a fashion store in our world and use WEAR for all payments.

Metawear create digital wearables (98.5%) real-looking clothes creating by top edge technologies( Not a cartoon real clothes in digital) Ready for unreal 5 and Omniverse and also usable for other worlds (Like netflix series Love Death Robots they use same technology even more for some cases. )

The team are from fashion Industry Project leader 25 years experienced famous published author and know business figure with lots of real clients (worked for adidas Tommy hilfiger Harvel nichols North Mountain, so they have business and secured of these ) The team know sector problems (High Cost, Tough Competition Metawear created this project as a cure for big clients)


Metawear is using a combination of different high end technology to create real things like gears, clothes and digital runways. and Metawear outputs are universal and they are able to integrate all unity and unreal based platforms and more.

For crypto tech they choose BSC easy to use low gas fee and upgradable capabilities.

But for NFT trading they are looking to be in the Solana network (huge community) and some bridge opportunities for the Polygon Network. They will see how the BSC network will take place in the NFT area and they will decide. Metawear have a team in house to make all decisions and they will have incubation from seedify on these subject so all pros will make these decisions for the benefit of the investors and community and whole world (their potential metaverse end users)


Metawear create a 3 trillion dollar fashion Industry to metaverse: Manufacturing (digitalized) Retail (Cross Platform Shopping Mall) Marketing( Fashion shows digital showrooms and runways)

Metawear will use their own currency WEAR in this ecosystem for all transformation services Whole and retail sale of NFT 2.0 digital wearables. They will integrate and synchronize real word fashion retail purchases to the metaverse digital item owning process (Dolbule Buy Feature for real shops). For example, if you go to Adidas shop, you will have your product and with a barcode, you will have the same product digitally) not a cartoon design (98.5% real look like NFT 2.0 Multi-Platform wearable item for your avatar.)

People will be into their look in the metaverse (How they look) This is a huge concept in metaverse fashion. Metawear is the first ecosystem for it.

If you want to know more about the product dive of Metawear, please via the link: (Slide 7 to Slide 9)


Please via this link:


  • NFT 2,0 Trade (Cross Platform Digital Wearable Clothes and Accessories big Library and Own MarketPlace)
  • Digital Brand Transformation Payments
  • Shopping Mall Trade and Buy Back, Rent and Operate, Franchise NFT Fashion Stores Rend And Commissions,
  • In-game Fashion Collections and Purchasable tools Libraries ( Big Creator Ecosystem Billings)
  • Events & Competitions Adam & Eve (Celebrity Metaverse Meta-Human Fashion Models Fees and Fashion Shows. Event Cost in Cross-Platform Shopping Mall.

Creating one virtual fashion runway is a minimum of $50.000 chargeable to clients. Metawear will make 50–75 of them in their first year and 100 will be in the operation will generate %60 percent of the cost for the first 3 years remaining will be supported by Tokens from allocations for development. In addition, they will have commissions on customers’ NFT sales in agreed percentages.




Seed Sale (reserved only for CEX listing)

Fundraised: 600,000 USD

Price: 0,003 USD

Lock-up: Locked for 30 days, Daily vesting in 23 months

Private Sale 1

Fundraised: 1,050,000 USD

Price: 0,0035 USD

Lock-up: 5% at TGE — Locked 30 days — Daily vesting in 17 months

Private Sale 2

Fundraised: 800,000 USD

Price: 0,004 USD

Lock-up: 10% at TGE — Locked 30 days –Daily vesting in 14 months

Public Sale

Fundraised: 875,000 USD

Price: 0.005 USD

Lock-up: 15% at TGE — vested daily starting day 1 for over 6 months


Will use 100% for marketing and KOL’s


❖ Technical development: 30%.

❖ Business development: 46%.

❖ Marketing and PR: 20%.

❖ Finance and Legal: 4%.




General Information

Detail Information

  • Team experiences
  • Traditional business: 25 Years
  • Crypto space: 2–4 Years

Linkedin accounts: (Founders, CEO, CMO, CTO)


Project Partners GTS Ventures, Insider Ventures, ,SRT Ventures, Polx Exchange, Brian Capital, Mak Capital , Zephyrus Kapital, PARK Capital, REDDY CΛPITΛL, Kommunitas, Trustpad, Insignia Elion, StarFi, Herd Ventures, Webcoin, BSClaunch.

Marketing Services Partners CODE Sales Development (CEO bahadir Yener project leader) Metafluence (Keep Face)

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About MetaWear

MetaWear is not only a Digital Multi-Platform NFT 2.0 Clothes Manufacturer for the Metaverse, but also the founder and owner of a Cross Metaverse Platform Fashion Shopping Mall where clients and designers sell and demonstrate their NFT Fashion Items. Heart of the NFT 2.0 Wearables Trades and a Metaverse Real Estate Property to invest in: Buy, Rent, Operate or Convert to $WEAR anytime you want.

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