Sovi Universe private-sale whitelist registration is now live!

We are delight to announce that the whitelisting registration for the Sovi Universe deal is now officially open. Stake your $BSL or participate in B-Farm, and take a few simple steps to earn yourself a ticket to join our deal. As more information becomes available, it will be added to this blog.

1. Getting Whitelisted

Mandatory tasks

  1. Follow @souniio & @BSClaunchorg on Twitter, and join the Sovi Universe & BSClaunch Telegram community / Telegram Channel ( you can find useful link in the project information section at the end of the article)
  2. Retweet this activity on twitter with these hashtags: #BSClaunch #Souni #NFT #GameFi #P2E $BSL $SON and @ 3 friends on our post.
  3. Users are required to lock an amount of tokens equivalent to the corresponding tier in B-Stake or participated in B-Farm in order to get whitelisted
  4. Fill your information in this form:

2. Sovi Universe private-sale details

Private-sale details

Ticker: SON
Blockchain Network: BSC
Contribution currency: BUSD
Private Sale Price: $0.145
Total raise in Private sale: TBA
Participants: Ranked members (Gold rank and above)
Sale date: 2nd December, 2021

Whitelisting details

Whitelist opening: 30th November, 2021
Whitelist closing: 1st December, 2021
No KYC required

Fundraising rounds:

Round 1 (Guaranteed)
The fundraising duration will takes place within the first 30 minutes and only Gold members and above can participate; Investors participate in this round can contribute max 20% of their allocation.

Round 1 duration: 14:00–14:30 UTC

Round 2 (FCFS)
This round will take place right after the guaranteed round ends, and lasts 10 minutes; Whitelisted members can participate in this round.

For members who have contributed 20% of their total allocation in the Guaranteed round, they will be able to contribute the remaining 80% of their total allocation as FCFS in this round.

Round 2 duration: 14:30–14:40 UTC

Round 3 (Extra)
In case the pool are not filled after the first 2 pools, the Extra pool will be opened within 15 minutes so that the whitelisted members can re-contribute 100% of their allocation.

Round 3 duration: 14:40–14:55 UTC

Fundraising duration: 14:00–14:55 UTC

Listing details

Listing Date: TBA
Listing Price: TBA
Listing on: TBA (early Dec)
Claiming: TBA
Vesting: 10% unlocked on TGE, 2 months cliff, then 3.75% on a monthly basis

3. Learn how to participate

💻 Mechanism: Click here

🔑 Lock BSL: Click here

🌾 Stake LP Tokens: Click here

🔎 Connect Metamask Wallet: Click here

About Sovi Universe / Sovi Universe Socials

SOUNI is a 3D MMORPG P2E game built on Binance Smart Chain. It delivers a metaverse world of warriors, magicians, dragons, elements, and spirits.

Players could form up a clan of their own, use different combinations and strategies to challenge and explore the world, compete and earn rewards, enjoy the metaverse game meanwhile gaining profit.

📈 Pitch Deck: DocSend

📈 BSClaunch Research: An indept overview about Sovi Universe (Coming soon)

Website | Telegram channel | Telegram Group | Twitter | Medium| Discord | Facebook | Youtube

About BSClaunch / BSClaunch Socials

BSClaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment, and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity. BSClaunch isn’t just another launchpad, we are an ecosystem launcher that provides a full suite of DeFi solutions.

With BSCLaunch, we will not just offer a very safe and well-supported all-in-one Launchpad for one product fundraises but multi-product projects! It also opens the possibilities of complementary but separate projects to bundle themselves and launch together.

Website | Twitter | Telegram Channel | Telegram Chat | Documentation

✔️ Buy $BSL token: PancakeSwap
✔️ Earn more profit by join our Farm: B-Farm
✔️ $BSL token on Monitor: iMM Global
✔️ Stake your tokens here: B-Stake




Incubation accelerator for entrepreneurs to create moonshot projects. #IDO #IGO Launchpad, Yield Farming. Top connections in crypto spaces — $BSL #Crosschain

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BSClaunch Official

BSClaunch Official

Incubation accelerator for entrepreneurs to create moonshot projects. #IDO #IGO Launchpad, Yield Farming. Top connections in crypto spaces — $BSL #Crosschain

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